Charles Perrault 69 years old work (1697) The magic of "Cinderella or the little glass slipper"

"Cinderella Story" has a mysterious power that cannot be uninstalled once you hear it.

In 1836, Balzac is a story that is often teased, such as spreading the "mistranslation theory".

In 1893, at the end of the century, Ms. Marian Roalfe Cox and Mr. Andrew Lang published a book, "Cinderella: Three Handred And Forty-Five Variants of Cinderella, Catskin And Cap," which was a collection of 345 Cinderella-like stories. O'Rushes" was published.

At the end of the 19th century, the "Cinderella story" became a subject of academic research as a universal social phenomenon without borders. Shortly after Ms. Cox's research, Kumagusu Minakata of Japan unearthed old tales of the type of Cinderella that existed in Asia, and published ``Cinderella's Tale in the Chinese Book of the 9th Century AD'' (1911). This is China's "leaf limit".

The reason why Cinderella has become such a beloved figure around the world is because more than 700 folk tales similar to the "Cinderella Story" have been collected around the world. Because it touches what is deep inside.

Because there is something connected with "myth" at the root.

Because it was a story close to "Kokoro no DNA". Even in Japan, "Komefuku Awafuku" is known as a Cinderella variant. The spirit of "myth" that flows through such old tales is the DNA of the Cinderella story. A Cinderella story is the story of your city.

However, among the myriad of folk tales, why is the "Cinderella Story" so loved all over the world?

We were lucky enough to have Charles Perrault in the 17th century.

For example, the old tale "Momotaro" is still heard as "old tale".




How about "Cinderella"?

Would you like to appear?

Charles Perrault reconstructed "Cinderella" into a story that skillfully overlaps "real society" and "old tale DNA", and completed "Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper". It is.

Everyone hears "Cinderella" not as an "old tale", but as a projection of "myself", and it becomes impossible to uninstall it. In this way, we believe that the "Cinderella story" has become a "modern myth" that fascinates people across generations around the world.

January 23, 2011

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