Various Cinderella books Published in 1947 "Cinderella princess story" (from the collection)

いろんなシンデレラの本 発行年1947 「シンデレラ姫物語」(収蔵本より) はしがきの熱い思いと、粗末なわら半紙

"The Tale of Princess Cinderella English-Japanese translation"

Translated by Keitaro Hiroiwa

Publisher Shiratorisha

Date of publication September 25, 1947

Regular price 30 yen

A small, thin, poor book made of straw paper with a terribly uneven back, with many small pieces of straw embedded in the paper hitting the pad of your finger as you trace the page. .

A different book from this one, illustrated by Seiji Togo, is also made of straw paper, published in 1947. , A book that uses high-quality paper that has the same smoothness on the back side as the front side. (Togo was already a celebrity)

I can't help but secretly wish that it could be the material for that beautiful dream.

Spring 1947 Keitaro Hiroiwa

いろんなシンデレラの本 発行年1947 「シンデレラ姫物語」(収蔵本より) 対訳構成

Shortly after the end of the war, a mere English teacher living in Tokyo started working on this job of "publishing" with a passionate dream. In the midst of a shortage of good quality paper, he worked hard to publish "Princess Cinderella's Tale" as an "English teaching material" in the hope that the young people entrusted with it would like English. You can tell when you repeat.

In the immediate aftermath of the war, the three dear children who think they must be leading a more miserable life in an apartment in Koenji where they endure the inconvenience of self-catering while being evacuated to the mountains of Mikawa. No, I made this book with passion and all my heart, with the intention of telling a story. This is the book that touched me the most.

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