Glass shoes were "mistranslation"?



In 1697, who announced "Cinderella" in 1697, and the "Glass", which was the best luxury product, the "Glass", which was the best luxury product, is the "Mirror", Louis 14's grandchildren's wedding It was opened. It is "Cinderella, or a small glass shoe" published in such a year.


July 10, 2016

About "glass shoes"

Charles Perot MAY 1672

Versaille Palace can be done, and French culture, also called Versaille culture opened flower,


Among the academy members, an innovative position and a beautiful literature position have been published "Cinderella or a small glass shoe" when 69 years old (1697).

About 150 years later, Balzac is "Etudes Philosophiques Sur Catherine De Medicis (1836)" (Philosophical Study on Catherine of Medici House, 1836),


If you think logically, it should be considered that it was made of thin skin, and it is a "mistranslation" that made glass,


Little compiled with a French Dictionary is also a rationalist and demonstration, and finally the Britannica Encyclopedia has decided to post a "mischief issue" as a commentary on the Cinderella Story, "Error transition" is considered a truth that the world spreads to the world as a true truth.

If you think logically, it should be considered that it was made of thin skin, and it is a "mistranslation" as glass.


By Onore de Barser (1836)


By the way, "De" in the middle of Onore de Balzac is a "noble" wind image to read the reader, and fake the famous name.

Pelot, Little, Balzak is a member of the French Academy, and is a man of France. However, in the 19th century in 19th centuries in the age of Perot, the 19th century, Balzac and Littre worked, the United States has already been independent, and the French revolution broke out in Japan, and Napoleon goes to Egyptian expedition It is an age when French citizens' views were awakened to France, such as bringing back culture documents.


Balzac and Little's "mischief" is a little bit of force, and if you look at the times of converting the times now, 2010 now, 1865 masterpiece, Joule Bern's "Month World Travel", Rocket is pointed out that "the reason is impossible". Pelown intention as a vocational writer is inferred to be more pure and everyone to be entertained by everyone.


Little and Balzac's "mischief" is a time-made in the era of the French revolution, and in Japan, as the beginning of the Meiji era, "abolished Buddha Demonstration" exercise occurs, It is a background that I think that it was the fairness that he was necessary to define the new era, that it was necessary to be a new era.


Consideration on this "mistransformance issue", Paul Durari will gradually take a little more, and will introduce you from now on, based on the articles (1951) that denied the "mischief issue".


In this case, the "mischief" is an error, and the theory that Pelo writes "glass shoes" with awareness is "mainstream".


November 18, 2010

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