Glass slippers I want you to know what we can't do (2011.2.1)

February 1, 2011

A new story will be written in your heart with ``the moment'' when you actually hold the ``Glass Slipper'' as a singular point...This is the world we dream of.

We have decided on several styles for this "Glass Slipper". I thought I'd put it together once, but I didn't have a chance, so I took this opportunity to update the site (2011) and put it together so that you can read it.

Style: The first thing we want is to improve the safety of glass, even if only a little. So sometimes we can't. sorry.

Considering the time of use, our "glass shoes" have a mechanism that can be packed without using cushioning materials. At the wedding ceremony, if you untie the red ribbon and lift the upper white box cover, the naked "glass slipper" will appear. The packaging is completed by covering the upper white box cover and closing it with a ribbon. You can rest assured even on the busy day of your wedding. And I made a museum case thinking about the daily life that you can decorate with more peace of mind.

On the other hand, there are things that cannot be done. Every year we are asked many times to make wearable glass slippers, but we are unable to do so. We do not produce glass shoes that can be worn, or glass shoes that leave the possibility of being worn. Every year, we receive such requests over and over again, but it seems unlikely that we will be able to meet them. sorry.

In the future, by God's will, you may be blessed with a girl. Someday, you will be thrilled to know the Cinderella story. When you wander into a 'closet' and find a 'glass slipper that you can wear (that leaves a possibility)', can you not try it? Of course, if you try, nothing will probably happen. (I want to believe that nothing will happen, but I can predict the danger) Even if I think it's a terrible "unfounded fear", I can't seem to make it. sorry.

We want to believe in the "magic" surrounding the "glass shoes". I want to nurture that “magic” with care. 

If there is a God who will forgive us, we would like to continue making such "glass slippers".

If "magic" is born to you in the future through "Glass Slipper", you will think that we have done the best job and that we have been a great success. 

I want you to know..things. February 1, 2011