I want you to know glass shoes

February 1, 2011


A new story is written in your heart as a singular point in "the moment" that actually "glass shoes" was actually taken.


We have decided some of these styles on "glass shoes". I thought that I was going to collect it once, but there was no chance, and it was arranged to read it to this opportunity of the site renewal (2011).

The first reason is to raise the "safe" thing for the glass. Therefore, we cannot do it. I'm sorry.


Considering the time of use, our "glass shoe" has a mechanism that can be used without packing material. When you open the upper white box cover and lift up the upper white box cover, if you put it on the top of the box, put on the upper white box cover and close it with the ribbon without the work of the work of searching and wrapping the cushion material placed somewhere Packing is complete. The wedding day is also safe. And, I made a museum case by thinking about every day that I can decorate more comfortably.

On the other hand, there is something that cannot be done. Every year, we ask for the desire to make a glass shoe that we can wear, but we cannot make it. Glass shoes that can be worn, glass shoes that leave the possibility to wear are not produced. Every year, there are many requests that you have repeatedly repeated, but it is unlikely that you will be able to respond to the request. I'm sorry.

In the future, God may give you a girl. Someday I will be able to know Cinderella story. When you find a "closet" that is lost in the "closet" glass shoes. Of course, perhaps nothing happens. I don't seem to be able to make it even if I think it is terrible "worry". I'm sorry.

We want to believe "magic" about "glass shoes". I want to raise the "magic" carefully.


If God is allowed to forgive us, we want to keep making such "glass shoes".


If "magic" was born to you in the future through "glass shoes", we were able to do the best work and we think it was a great success.


Want to know.. February 1, 2011