If every day is Christmas!

This "Keeping Christmas" began with a certain "small miracle".

- Kinsella, the main character of the movie "Field of Dreams", does not run away from the voice she heard in the cornfield, "If you build it, he will come", faces the message, destroys the field and builds a baseball stadium... Created a world that people can see! -

- The main character of the movie "Miracle Symphony", the orphan August Rush, earnestly and earnestly desires "Following Music", and is separated from his unseen father and unseen mother. The ``thread of fate'' between father, mother, and child was fulfilled -

A story of a small miracle that happened in the fall of 2011

Henry Dyke's poem "Keeping Christmas"

Miracle of November 27, 2011

I found this special "one book" with my favorite book, "Keeping Christmas," in an American antiquarian bookstore, with the author Henry Dyke's autograph! , ordered immediately. 

An old book about 100 years ago "The Spirit of Christmas" (pictured above) 

A week has passed, and I'm hoping that it will arrive today. .

A few more days of waiting, on the evening of November 27th, the 'package' arrived.

Blanked by headlights, a familiar mailman is holding a parcel from the United States wrapped in tape. 

I still clearly remember February 2014, when I am writing this article, two years and three months after "Delivery". The book arrived on November 27th, 2011.

Why do you remember the "delivery date"? Is it because you've been counting down the days to get your hands on Henry Dyke's "autograph!"? 

Actually, more! more! more! For good reason, I can't forget the "delivery date". 

A "miraculous synchronicity" that transcends time and space has occurred.

When you receive the "parcel", cut the wrapping tape, open the package, and do it first! 

Look for Henry Dyke's autograph!

What would an autograph look like? 

Does it also have words? I was looking forward to the moment of opening the package and meeting the signature, one day after another, with high expectations.

I opened the door of the book and found the signature immediately.(The photo of the signature is a snap shot of opening the parcel, about 10 minutes after delivery.)

 "Love took up the harp of life and smote on all the chords with might,Smote the chord of Self, that, trembling, passed in music out of sight." 

Henry van Dyke Nov. 27, 1905

(Note: The quoted text written by Henry Dyke is quoted by Tennyson)

Same day 106 years later

On November 27, 1905, Henry Dyke signed his autograph on this single book, The Spirit of Christmas

106 years later, this signed book was delivered to me on November 27th, the same day as the signing. A mysterious experience that makes you imagine that "God" arranged "synchronicity" called "same day". 

Actually, I felt a little dizzy. "Mr. Henry Dyke signed an autograph for me!?" became like a sheet of paper, and I had a hallucinatory "actual feeling" that Mr. Dyke had signed for me. For a moment, I was caught in an illusion. 

It is too astronomical to dismiss the fact that ``the day Henry Dyke signed'' and ``the day I received the signature'' 106 years later were ``the same day'' as ``just a coincidence?'' probability. Was it a mysterious "synchronicity" and a "miracle" arranged by "God"? The "meaning of synchronicity" related to this "sign" is not something that can be easily found, and time passes.

Make "Keeping Christmas" and "Everyday is Christmas!"

An abridged translation of Henry Dyke's "Keeping Christmas". I have summarized it to about 1/10. 

Christmas town is beautiful.

Merry Christmas! Greetings are exchanged, and the feeling of caring for people comes and goes, and the city is full of love.

 Today is not an ordinary day, not Christmas.

But what do you think? How about spending today as if it were a Christmas day, loving and caring for others? 

 Isn't it the usual day, the moment when "Christmas" shines on today, which should have been nothing? 

If Christmas is here today, let's continue tomorrow.

Then you can make every day a beautiful Christmas day. 

 Henry Dyke concludes the poem "Keeping Christmas" with the following sentence. 

``But you can never keep it alone.''

Postscript: Synchronicity "Christmas" with the customer that happened on this day

Recently, I've been surrounded by happy wonders.The above text was uploaded on February 25th. 

On this day, another synchronicity related to "Christmas" occurred. At the beginning of the week, a customer asked me to make a "Glass Slipper Ring Pillow" as a gift. Coincidentally, a customer in the city where I used to live. When I told him about this at the "meeting to proofread the image" before the actual production of "Glass Shoes", he informed me of the current state of the city, which is rapidly changing...

 After such a pre-production meeting, we received a reply from the customer that the image was OK. When I sent the email announcing the start of the actual production, it was right after the article was uploaded, so I would like to inform you about the update, and soon I received a letter from the customer. But... the customer's birthday was Christmas December 25th.