Every day is Christmas!

This "keeping Christmas" started when a "small miracle" occurred.

The movie "dreams of dreams", the main character kinsera, doesn't escape from the "I you build it, he will come," the message of the corn field, and the field is made by crushing the field and making a baseball ground We built the world where we all loved


- an ugly orphan, a hero of the movie, the miracle symphony, asked the "believing music" to the point, and went back to the "thread of fate" with his unseen father, who was still away, and his mother who was still away, and played a "miraculous journey" of his father, mother, and son

In the autumn of 2011, a small miracle story

Henry Dyke's poem "keeppt Christmas"

November 27, 2011 miracle


My favorite "hanging Christmas" book, and author Henry dike's "autograph!" I found this special "one book" at the old book store in America.


The spirit of Christmas


A week ago, "will you arrive today?" But, after ten days, I hear the sound of the post bike, "finally, today!" The body responds.


Waiting for a few days, the evening of November 27, "parcel" arrived.


The haunted mailbox, illuminated by headlights, is a postal package from the United States of America.


「 Only 2 years and 3 months have passed since the delivery, and I clearly remember today in February 2014 which is writing this sentence. This book arrived on November 27, 2011.


Why remember "delivery day"? Henry dike's autograph Did you wait to count lucky day, day, and count?


Reality more! More! More! I cannot forget "delivery day" because of the suitable reason.


The "chronicle of miracle" exceeded the space-time.

When you receive the package, cut the glutton roll tape, open the package, and put it on top!


Looking for Henry Dick's "autograph"!


What is the autograph?


Do you have words together? However, I was looking forward to the opening and closing moment of the meeting.

The door was opened and the sign was found immediately. SignThe photograph of the photograph is a snapshot of the opening after ten minutes after delivery


" Love care up the harp of life and smote on all the chords with being, smooth the chord of self, that trembling


Henry Van dykenov


(note that Henry dike wrote in the phrase "tennis")

On the same day 106 years later

On November 27, 1905, Henry dike wrote a signature to the book "the spirit of Christmas".


106 years later, this "one book" was delivered to my hand on the 27th of the same day as the signature. It is a mysterious experience to imagine that "God" has arranged "synchronicity".


Actually, I learned the light "glare." Did Henry dike sign for me? " It became an illusion, and it became glad (a very happy moment came), and it cracked from the foot, and it became "light", and the world around the world became a world like one of the paper of perpetual, and the "truth" that Dake signed to me was encountered. It was a moment, but I was caught in an illusion.


"It's the day when Henry dike" signed the day and "106 days after I received the sign" "the same day" And it's too astronomical to make up. Was it "miracle" that was "mysterious" and "God" arranged? The meaning of "synchronicity" which is related to this sign is not easily found, and the moon is over.

"Christmas Christmas" daily Make!

I translated Henry dike's "captured Christmas". I summarize it about one tenth.


Christmas Town is beautiful.


Merry Christmas! The greeting is exchanged, and the feeling that thinks about the person is crossed, and the town overflows in full love.


Today is not usual Christmas day.


But why? How do you spend today a day like a Christmas day with the heart and love of people?


The moment when Christmas was shining on today's day should have been nothing like the usual day.


If Christmas comes today, let's continue tomorrow.


Then you can shine every day of beautiful Christmas.


Henry dike links the poem "keeping Christmas" in the following sentence.


“ But you can't keep it alone

Book: Christmas with our customers


Recently, around me, a happy wonder gets up. It was February 25 that I raised the above sentence.


Another day, the synchronicity of "Christmas" happened. At the beginning of the week, the customer who asked the present to request the ring pillow of glass shoes. By chance, the customer in the city where I once lived I will tell you about the situation of the present town that changes rapidly when I tell it in "the meeting of the image calibration" before the actual production of the glass shoes. "


The answer of "image OK" was received from the customer to the meeting before such a production When we sent an email to announce the start of the text, we went to the post immediately after the sentence up, and the report of the update was reported.