Is it okay with public proposals? If two people who cry and cry. Also recommended "home proposal".

Although it is important for the proposal, there is an element that takes place with respect to each other, and there is a cherish your privacy. It is one of the frequently asked questions The privacy can be secured firmly


If two people who look at the movie and crying, it is important to secure "Chan proper" privacy.


Even if you plan to propose a proposal other than "home", please check the place of choosing "Can you secure privacy?" I met a video of a "home propose". Such a lot of fuck and the woman was moved because it was a weak "home propose".

This video will be "fully silent" on the way. Two people are sitting on the sofa and watching TV until the first 4 minutes of the video. Any event does not happen. As "the radio wave is bad and the screen stopped?" The more it doesn't happen, the more time does not occur. Please see this videos for the four minutes.


It is "fast feed" OK, but don't immediately feed it earlier than "4 minutes"!

L place is the home of Joe. "Photo of the memories that spent together with two people" · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · I am commenting.


It is attracting attention to 4 minutes. Because her caroline was impressed by all my body in an emotion, it was a "home" that was not a healing. She relaxed and was "element". If it is a place where you have to wear "clothes" in "heart" ... It can not be such a defense.


In the public proposal, the people around me will be given, and at that time, she is not having a fresh impression that she can not receive "heart" deeply. It is like "shallow sleep". It is a deep moving experience that privacy is secured firmly.


"Wedding" is to show everyone. But "proposal" is "two people" Joe and the two proposes of the caroline. There is no "Will You Marry Me?" Also there is no "YES".


Since Joe and Caroline also felt in "all the body" that "" was born, it was no longer needed at this time. (Even if you say it's a promise, it's also impressed, too, I forgot too much)


※ There is a reason for the first four minutes of this video, but there is a reason for "sound" to cherish the copyright of "music of memories".


If you're crying in the movie, you're not a fever, and it's recommended that you will cry firmly. The point of success is "Surprise production". If you are preparing firmly, "home" relaxed from the bottom of the mind and is the most kind place where you can create two deep moving times without being cared about others. "Event time" to go out is "after-sales proposal", "Memorial food" is also