Be careful with the demon of Narcisism in the proposal!

It must be a pleasure to think about the future, too, and it is too send to be too tilted in self-sorting. In the heart, "Self-believe" and "Pounding" "Anxiety" "Single, Kakehi", while repeatedly, the propose is "Narcissism" demon.


When the demon called "Narcisism" enters, we will derive planning of proposal that is too conscious of the "eye". I have to be careful here. I'm too tilt to myself. First of all what is the other party's thing is the premise. Although it is "making the best happiness memories of life together" ...


We introduce three videos rather than explaining. It would be good if you get it.

This video found by chance is the scene of reverse proposal in Beijing. Money women have a "car" and "home" with men and "home" to the reverse proposal.

On the other hand, this home propose that the "proposal" plan is kneaded on the other party's feelings firmly. Prepare "Surprise" well ...


Proposes shall be easy to enter the demons called Narcisism. We suggest that this is aware of the proposal plan.


Don't take it to "Narcisian trap". Remember "good feeling" of two people.