Beware of the monster of narcissism in proposals!

It is not good to think too much about the future when planning a proposal, look too much at yourself, and lean too much towards narcissism. In your heart, as you repeat the ``solit, tactics'' of ``confidence'', ``throbbing'', and ``anxiety'' for a long time, a monster called ``narcissism'' enters the proposal. 

When the monster of "narcissism" enters, it leads to proposal planning that is too conscious of "the eyes around you." You have to be careful here. You lean too much on yourself. First and foremost is how much you care about your partner. "To create the happiest memories of your life together"...

Rather than explain, I will introduce three videos. I would appreciate it if you could grab it.

This video I found by chance is a scene of a reverse proposal in Beijing. A rich woman offers a "car" and "house" to a man as gifts for a reverse proposal.

On the other hand, this home proposal is the one where the "proposal" plan is formulated based on the feelings of the other party. Be prepared for a "surprise"...

It is easy for a monster called narcissism to enter a proposal. With this in mind, we would like to propose what is desired in the proposal plan.

Don't get caught in the "narcissistic trap".  Remember the "good feeling" of the two of you.