"Glass Shoes" is a 1000-day gift for dating Kaguya-hime's Arimura-san in au's TV commercial. If you say, "Oh, but this doesn't fit," that's fine!

There are many customers who give presents on their wedding anniversary. In the commercial, a glass slipper will be given as a gift for the “1000th anniversary”. 

The commercial is roughly like this. When I was enjoying somen noodles to cool off, Kaguya-hime (Mr. Arimura) suddenly stopped and pampered me... "Momo-chan, do you know what day it is today?" , Issunboshi's rescue ship... ``1000 day anniversary of dating'' Issunboshi, who is well-prepared, secretly gives Momotaro a ``wrapped'', and Momotaro smiles and presents to Princess Kaguya... ``Glass slipper''.

And then... Kaguya-hime's Arimura-san, who was ruthlessly delighted, said, "Ah, but this size doesn't fit." 

I only received one, so even if the size fits, I can't wear it! Putting that aside, about Mr. Arimura saying "the size doesn't fit" without even having to match the foot...

Glass slippers are "not the right size", and this is really good. If you actually wear it, it will break and hurt you. Because it's glass. Since we are the creators of the glass slipper, I dare say: Don't wear glass slippers, as you can't help but get hurt by this special present.

(In addition, Comfort Cook makes them so that they cannot put their feet in or put them on. Even if a small child finds them, they cannot put them on.)

Joseph Cundullのシンデレラの本 ガラスの靴の登場箇所

Then, why didn't "Cinderella" get hurt while dancing in her glass shoes? Speaking of which, I have discovered the theory that it was a "stretching glass shoe"! 

Joseph Kundull's Cinderella book, where the glass slipper appears An old Cinderella book from 171 years ago describes the "glass slipper" as follows. "Elastic glass slippers", that is, "stretching glass slippers".

 Because of the "stretchable glass shoes", Cinderella was able to dance beautifully with the prince's lead without being injured by the breaking of the glass. (For details, why the "Glass Shoes" didn't disappear even at 12 o'clock)

Just one more thing about this commercial. In 2003, we officially started the "Glass Slipper" production service, and thanks to our many experiences, which are celebrating our 13th anniversary this summer, we have created a "newly decided original anniversary" such as "1000th anniversary". In fact, the idea of ​​this commercial, which presents a glass slipper to a person, is the very popular "Glass slipper gift" scene. 

Ms. N who made glass slippers for her "10000th Birthday" this June. It seems that the important person was very happy. (For details, please refer to the customer's voice "10000th birthday")

Recently, I received an additional request from Mr. N, who is celebrating his 10,000th birthday. Mr. N's additional option "Museum Case". Today (9th) just on the day of shipment. This is to allow those who love the "Glass Slipper" that was given as a gift in June to be able to display it beautifully with peace of mind. They will protect you together.