She is a friend of Kaguya hime, and she is a glass of shoes. Oh, but I don't like this size.

There are many customers who make presents at the wedding anniversary. In the cm, I present glass shoes to "Memorial Day".


Cm is like this. If you are doing it, you can stop the hand and stop Kaguya hime (arimura SAN). What day do you know today? " Momotaro, who was annoyed by the answer to the question, was the first aid boat of issunboshi and "1000 days memorial day," and he secretly delivered the "wrapping" to Momotaro, and Momotaro was very cheerful, and gave birth to Kaguya hime.


And, even though Mr. Uemura of Princess Kaguya who was delighted to be delighted, I say "I don't like this size".


I got one of these shoes, so I can't put it in size. It is said that Mr. arimura doesn't fit to the foot, saying, "it doesn't fit."


The glass shoes are "not fit in size", and this is really good. If I wear it, I will be broken and injured. Because it is glass. We are the makers of glass shoes, so let us say. Please do not wear any of the glass shoes, so please do not hurt.


Also, comfort cook is made so that you can't put it on the feet so that you can't put it on. If you find a little child, you can't wear it.)

Cinderella cashmere's Cinderella glass shoes

So why did Cinderella wear and wear glass shoes and hurt? It is said that it was "stretch glass shoes".


In Cinderella's old book 171 years ago, "Cinderella shoes" are written here. Elastic glass slippers "stretch glass shoes".


「 Because the glass was broken and damaged, it was beautiful in the lead of the prince. For details, the reason why "glass shoes" disappeared even after 12 o'clock

Another one about this cm. Starting from 2003, we officially started a "glass shoe" production service, and thanks to our many experiences this summer, we had a lot of experience in this summer, and the idea of this cm to present glass shoes to "a newly established original anniversary" such as "the 100th anniversary." The most popular "glass shoe present" scene.


In June of this year, there are n people who made glass shoes on "10000 days' birthdays. It was said that he was very pleased with the important one. For details, your voice is "10000 days'


I received an additional request from n of this 10000 day birthday recently. N additional option "Museum case". Today (9) just on the day of shipment. I would like to keep "glass shoes", which was given a gift in June, to be beautiful, and to be able to decorate beautifully.

Glass shoes made on 10000 days anniversary