A sweet, sour, delicious "pear" gift from Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, arrived from glass shoes

Pear: plant of the Rosaceae.


Since sweet and sour "pear" is made for decades, the word "pear" means "lasting prosperity" and "peace". It is also regarded as a symbol of eternity and salvation of the soul. The pear tree symbolizes immortal and timeless fame.


Pear tree symbolizes spring. Like Sakura, it is accepted as a symbol of hope.

A pear flower
Flower of pear tree

2010 was the first request for "glass shoes" production. Since u u in Chiba Prefecture has been asked for the occasion of the celebration of important friends and relatives several times since then. I have requested this spring. " The glass shoes were made for the celebration of the wedding that the grandson of "the person who was taken care of when it was a new mom" was welcomed.


This blog becomes an additional note. This customer is the one who can receive the request at a mysterious timing. It is glad that Funabashi is famous. It was very delicious. The pear which has been delivered immediately and the pear that has been cooled is also exceptional.