Last night, a glass shoe proposal from a telephone from a successful man

A transparent case for protecting and decorating glass shoes

The phone we made was made from glass shoes for the proposal.


I was able to convey the success of the weekend's glass shoes proposal to me directly.


Instead of e-mail, the number of calls has increased. It is very glad to report the proposal immediately. It is said that the opponent was crying.


( The trust to t was 99.9%, so I cried. Even if we have the contribution of glass shoes made by us, it is 1 / 1000)


I have a phone call, and as an advice from me, I want you to do it after a month, and I want to carry out "secret" to keep the glass shoes beautifully. It is "cleaning method."


We decided to order the museum case as soon as possible.


I want to use it as "ring pillow" in the wedding of the future in the future, and hope that I want to decorate it in "Museum case" so that it will always remain.


It is really safe if there is "Museum case".

Decorate glass shoes
Museum case ver. 1

Museum case ver. 2

"Ver2" is February 2011 - February 2012. I hung a little tall. It is because it becomes greed and makes a better look.

On this day, I was reminded of my customer.


Until this museum case.


The summer of 2003 that officially started the glass shoe production service. After that, we had another request.


Since then, the museum continued, and the "Museum case" was ver1, ver2, and ver2.5, which was completed in spring 2012. Let's summarize.


Request for "transparent case" which can be protected from "dirt". Since the official start in 2003, I always received the voice. At that time I didn't know how to solve it.


The transparent cover material was judged as "acrylic". Because the material was already replaced with "glass" to "acrylic" in consideration of "safety" in the museum. Although the toughness of the polycarbonate is higher than acrylic for several steps, it is easy to rub on the surface much more than acrylic.


The only selection material "acrylic" was assembled, and it was not possible to see "the clear protection case of the glass shoe" which can always be held with "memories".


The exhibition room of the museum is put on the exhibition stand of the white pillar dotted like "island" in order to effectively utilize the limited exhibition space, and it covers the transparent cover. This exhibition method is for decorating 'works' efficiently. Avoid the "shock" of adjacent pieces.


Starting with the glass shoe service in 2003, it was about two years ago, with the aim of Professor Shiro Otani, a pottery artist in Shiga Prefecture I gave you a chance several years ago... I met you with a wonderful violinist Machiko Senju, a Potter who always gave me a valuable opportunity.)


I had a chance to visit the Miho Museum in Shiga on a day when I had a chance to visit the Miho Museum.


We have been informed about curators, but we have made a great, valuable historical jar for our visitors to the museum, and we have been "isolated" so that we can see how safe it is to be safe and safe at any time. It is surprised at the depth of the comfort of the museum which the large number of visitors visit.


These experiences became "wisdom", and finally "ver1" was completed in May 2009. It took me five years to get the request.


With the egg of Columbus, it is easy to see the completed "answer" now, but at the end of the thought, it finally came to the design of combining the "wooden stand" with relief pattern.


It took 5 years to decorate because it is not "material".


It is "memory" that is really decorated.


In addition, the "time" that is alive now is produced not only by exhibiting "past" like an art museum, but "new memory" is a glass of the glass which is stacked up, and it is a decoration.


Although this is not noticed, it is actually the "proposition" necessary for the case, and it took five years to complete the transparent case "ver.1" that answers the answer.


The thickness of the acrylic plate of "ver1" is 2 mm, and it is a specification of 1 millimeter thin. Because I thought I should not be too heavy.

Museum case

2012 winter 2012 ver

In "ver2.5", the "back" was further raised. I thought more of a look.


Earthquake in Tohoku.


The customer who ordered the order of the glass shoes of Tohoku and Hokkaido as a ring pillow postponed the wedding schedule. I have contacted one year later and I have received a new date. Somehow, the groom is often a member of the self defense forces, and in the middle of the week, the expression of the ceremony is also visible. We had to go to work immediately and postpone.


(if you have already completed and completed the new date of celebration, you should contact me to make a new date glass shoe that was remade)

Museum case ver. 3: May 2012

In May 2012, ver3 was completed with more safety and more "dream".


Acrylic plate thickness was increased to 3 millimeters, and the strength was improved. The priority is to increase safety.


In the wooden stand, a "secret room" is made, and the room where something is done is done easily.


※ In this secret room, you can also create a "ring" in a proposal to prepare a "necklace" and hide it.


Ver1, ver2 and ver2.5 are museum cases with beautiful memories for us.


P. s. This year, there was a visitor in the evacuation zone of the mountain to the one who was hit by the Kumamoto earthquake. That's about two weeks ago. Museum case is not yet. After a little while, I canceled the evacuation and took a few days to make a contact. It was relief that the glass shoe was completely okay on the decorative stand and was all right. The red decoration table and the blue decoration table also made the mechanism to secure the glass shoe safely. Of course, there is also a reason for creating a "decoration stand" as a mechanism that can be safely decorated. I'll write it someday.