AKIBA Cultures Theater 5 groups of idols just before their debut Rookie Performance ~Midsummer Cinderellas~ 2014

Congratulations to everyone at "Idol Renaissance" for winning. The Dearest Glass Slipper is now the "winning trophy". The state of the press conference after winning "Idol Renaissance". Dearest glass shoes were presented...

At the press conference, carefully put it in the palm of your hand.At the end of the press conference, the voices of the members spilled out.As a producer, it was a great honor. Thank you. Winning group "Idol Renaissance" Blog post

I received a "good word". As a producer, I am very grateful to have been able to see the details so far. (I'm impressed that you found the words we cherish when making the glass slippers, which are foil-stamped in really small letters on the "white box"!) 

Official blog article "Cinderella's growth diary" Official article

Thank you to the fans for winning the championship of one of the members. Full of sincere words.

``Idol Renaissance'' official site postscript 2016/7/10 It seems that they are very busy with media appearances and live performances. You are doing your best.