Asiadog - AIBA Karuizawa theatre debut Vol.5 idol dance cover

Happy New Year! The glass shoes are "trophy trophy" Idol Renaissance press conference. Dead glass shoes


At the press conference, I was very honored as a voice and producer who spilled out of the members at the end of the press conference. Thank you. Idol group "idleness"Blog article 


I received the word "suitable language". Thank you very much for the fact that I was able to see details here. In the white box, you can find the words that we cherish in making glass shoes that are pushing down with a tiny letter


Hitomi shimatani official blogOfficial Site 


Thank you for the fans of each member of the championship. There are full of sincere words.


「 Idol RenaissanceOfficial SiteIt is very busy to live in the appearance of 2016 / 7 / 10 media. Come on!