AKIBA Cultures Theater "Five new idol groups just before their debut performance" Midsummer Cinderellas ~ 2016 Glass slipper gift

Congratulations to all of "Sturami Chu" for winning. 

Glass Shoes Dearest is the "winning trophy" again this year. Related article This year's Midsummer Cinderella will be "Sturami Chu"!! 

The photo is of the glass slipper I made.

お作りしたガラスの靴 AKIBAカルチャーズ劇場 「デビュー直前アイドル5組新人公演」 真夏のシンデレラたち〜 2016

In "Cinderella's Growth Diary"
, the winning group "Sturami Chu" writes their voices in refreshing joy. There are many photos of the members holding the glass shoes above. Please take a look. It is full of pure power.

Congratulations to all of "Sturami Chu" for winning.