• wrapping-ready-to-propose

    All models of the "Dearest" glass slipper are "gift specifications" This is it. Once it arrives, you can give it as a gift. Even so, I recommend that you take the time to do it. A lot of people have asked for Dearest to have something that they can do by hand. In the proposal, we recei... View Post
  • Listen carefully..don't you hear any words? Be a little careful and listen carefully. Are there any words that come to mind or words that you hear? "Important words" can be phrases that you often say at random moments. Some people add just one word "Smile" to the other side. This... View Post
  • birthday-propose

    When to do that day... Big problem.  I thought about it, but it's not a lucky day.  However, due to work circumstances, it is difficult to decide. A normal day becomes a special day and a day to remember. Determining a "one day for two" that is rare in the midst of busy eve... View Post
  • proposal-home

    There are advantages and disadvantages to deciding where to propose, whether it is a familiar "home" or a distant "away from the ordinary". Deciding on a proposal in a familiar "home" is because you can make use of special arrangements with the cooperation of everyone unique to your home, a... View Post
  • propose-away

    Going far away and proposing in the "extraordinary nature of away". The “Away” proposal creates a “uplifting feeling” by putting yourself in an extraordinary space, making it easier to open your heart. If the place where you propose is a hotel or a restaurant, you can consult in advance and... View Post
  • your-words-the-best-present

    The glass slipper in this photo is the "work" of someone who proposed to me in 2014. So many wonderful words, words, words. When I saw the "sculpture message" in the order details and started working on the design, I involuntarily burst into tears. It's beautiful. The words are s... View Post
  • L Proposals are very personal. It is something that officially re-forms the feeling of thinking about the other person.  Privacy is an important element of happiness that is often overlooked or overlooked. Proposing in a place with a lot of people will be an exciting experience. B... View Post
  • propose-to-wedding

    We may get in touch with you from a customer from a year ago. I gave a present to the proposal, and it was sunny and I decided to give a wedding ceremony. We may get in touch with customers from 3 years ago. I gave him a present on his birthday, and he decided to have a wedding this year.... View Post

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