• wrapping-ready-to-propose

    Glass shoes "Dearest", all models "present specification" this is IT. If you arrive, you can give it as it is. Nevertheless, the recommendation is "to make a moment." As a request for Dearest, I want a part that can "hand" from many people. In proposes, we have received many proposals th... View Post
  • Mm-mmm, listen to me. Do you have any words that you can hear and hear?   Just be careful enough to listen carefully to your ears.Do you have any words that you can hear or hear? "The important words" are the phrases that you often often say at the moment of the moment.   Another aspec... View Post
  • birthday-propose

    When to make the day a big challenge.   I thought about it, but I don't want to go to a good day, but I want to have the best day that will be a life's memories.   However, it is difficult to decide because of work.   Even if it is a normal day, it will be a special day and a day of me... View Post
  • Propose-Home

    A place to determine the proposal, familiarity "Home" or in a distance "Away's non-routine", each longitudinal short. Proping the proposal in the "home" that you are used to get the cooperation of our homes and to make use of special arrangements, and you can rebuild the scenario for the oppo... View Post
  • Away-away

    Proposal in the distance of "Away's Dedaity".The "Away" proposal is a "high alarming sense" by placing it in a non-day-to-day space, making it easier to open your mind. If a hotel or restaurant is a place where the proposal is to be made, please consult with the staff in advance and support ... View Post
  • your-words-the-best-present

    The glass slipper of this photo was made by the proposal in 2014 for the "work".   A sequence of lovely words, words and words.I saw the "sculpture message" on the order line, and when I woke up to design it, I could not help but cry.It's beautiful.   The words shining brightwilk.Your ... View Post
  • Key element of marriage

    L propose is very personal. It is formally called 'shape' to express the feelings of the other party.   Although it is important, it is not noticed and is overlooked, and it is "happiness element" which is important in planning a proposal, and it is "privacy".   The proposal in many pe... View Post
  • Vegetable to wedding

    We may contact you more than 1 year ago. I gave a present to the proposal, and I decided to give the wedding ceremony. We may contact you more than 3 years ago. I gave a present for my birthday and decided to give me a wedding this year. In the wedding, I would like to make another piece,... View Post

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