Mr. Takami of Okayama 2005/01/01 "Nice performance! (laughs) My friend was so happy that he was so stylish and cute that I put it up right after it arrived! ヽ(゜▽・゜)ノ."


Thank you for your help. This is Takami from Okayama. It arrived safely yesterday.

The real thing is really good!(*^-^)b 

Cute, beautiful, and delicate.

I have nothing to say about the results as I imagined. After all, there is something I was looking for because I wanted it (laughs)

I just have to wait for my friend to receive it tomorrow.

 (Omitted) I am an analog person who calls immediately when I don't understand something, so I was very happy to receive kind and patient explanations. Thank you very much m(_ _)m

2004/12/28 (omitted) 

The glass slipper was fine with no problems at all!

I didn't say anything to my friends, so they must have been surprised. Nice production even though I am! 

In my heart, I was full of confidence like Mr. Ito, so I thought it was natural! How cool I replied (laughs)

I would also like to receive a present from someone who cares about me. From now on, I will continue to improve myself, who is still immature, and work hard to improve myself so that I can become a wonderful woman who can't lose to anyone o(^-^)o 

Also, regarding the matter of posting my email when updating the homepage, it's totally fine! Advertise and brag about it☆(#^.^#) 

From now on, please do your best as a wonderful helper of happiness o(^-^)o I'm rooting for you! (*^_^*)

2005/01/01 (omitted)

2004 is over. What kind of year was it for you, Mr. Ito? Or what kind of year do you want 2005 to be? 

(Omitted) By the way, is it really okay to post my email on your website?(?_?) 

When I read the email again, I got the feeling that it was all about nonsense...(・_・;) I won't be held responsible for any complaints. (Laughs) But if I can help with what Mr. Ito wants to do, I would like to help, even indirectly. It doesn't matter which part you pick. Please do whatever you want to do p(^-^)q I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful home page full of sensibilities (^-^)/

One more thing to look forward to after the holidays (*^-^)b Sorry about that m(_ _)mPS.The snowman is all handmade by me (laughs)photo by Ms. Takami