Nishikawa (Nishikawa) 2005/03/10 "I would like to use it as a ringing pyroe, as he is not able to make a ring on the day of the wedding," he said."

I've received no reply, but I have arrived safely on the 8th.I'm afraid I have remade it. I'm afraid of what it is.


I opened the box and I was really clear.Of course, on the day of the wedding,


I would like to use it as a ringe pickup as he is unable to make a ring in his work.Thank you very much for making it really nice.

Your husband's work ... the key to the ON-OFF door is the "ring".As a keybox to store the precious key, this glass slipper is going to exist.It's very young!Mr. Nishikawa told me in a message that I accepted the publication of the email.In fact, I found that I had been looking for a lot of ringing plows, and there were 100.I was looking for a little bit of inquiry, and I found the website, and it was decided that it was just like this.Thank you.Thank you.