Mr. Tsuboi 2005/6/22 "The wedding ceremony in Hawaii was a great success."

2005/06/10 Good evening, it arrived safely yesterday! ! My wife is very happy because it worked as she wanted. I'm sorry to have rushed you in the middle of the day. I will fly to Hawaii with this glass slipper. I'll send you a photo. I'm really thankful to you. Tsuboi

ガラスの靴のリングピロー 2005年坪井さまのお写真


Subject: Triumphant return from Hawaii! !

Good evening, I'm back from Hawaii. Sorry for the late reply as I was a little busy. Thank you again for making such wonderful shoes. The wedding in Hawaii was a huge success. The album we made is also a pretty nice accent. Because beyond the white church is the blue sea...and the red rose petals inside the glass shoes. It was a good match! ! (Unfortunately, only the photographer was able to take pictures... imagine) Thank you very much for creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime in such a short period of time. Please keep making such wonderful things. I'm rooting for you. I will attach a postscript photo. I'm still not sure how to use email, so I'll send two separate emails. Actually, we are such a couple (lol) ... I will be happy. Well then... Ah, without further ado, please introduce me to a couple who gave me such happiness. Tsuboi

Mr. Tsuboi gave us a photo of us in Hawaii. A glass slipper decorated with Hawaiian flowers. Comfort Cook is also the first experience in this atmosphere! The glass shoes were able to accompany this lovely scene of the two of you in Hawaii. Even so, it's a beautiful, beautiful view of the world (^^)/

You wrote in the email, "Beyond the white church is the blue sea...and the red rose petals in the glass shoes." Unfortunately, only the cameraman was able to take pictures... imagine that)” I could imagine this task from these two photos. I made it! How are you reading this? The sky that day. The state of the wind that day. Two people of the day!