Tsuboi, 2005/6/22, " The ceremony in Hawaii was a great success."

2005/06/10 Good evening!! My wife is very pleased to be able to do as I wish!I was sorry that I had hurried out of the day.I'll be flying to Hawaii with this glass slipper.I'll send you a picture.Thank you very much.Tsuboi

A glass of glass slipper in 2005, a photograph of Tsuboi.

2005062222 boi22005/06/22


Subject: Coming back from Hawaii!!


Good evening, I came back from Hawaii.I'm sorry to have a little bit of a bit of a bath and then I'm sorry.I am grateful to you for making a nice pair of shoes.The wedding ceremony in Hawaii was a great success.It's a pretty nice accent for our album.The white church is surrounded by the blue sea, the petals of the red rose in the glass slippery.I was quite a match!! (I'm afraid you only shot Mr. Cameramerman) Thank you very much for having made memories of your life in a short period of time, and I was able to make a memory of the wonderful things that I have left my life.Please keep making these foes all the time.I'm rooting for you.This will be accompanied by a further extension of the photo.I don't know how to use my mail yet, so I'll send you two separate copies.It's a couple like this. (Laughter) I'm happy to be happy.So ... well, I'm not going to support it, and I want you to introduce me to a married couple who is so happy.Tsuboi

I've received a picture from Mr. Tsuboi in Hawaii.A glass slipper decorated with flowers in Hawaii.Comfort Cooke also experienced the first experience of this experience in Hawaii, and the glass shoes were in the same scene in Hawaii.But it's a beautiful, beautiful world view. ^ ^


wrote in the email: "White Church is the tip of the blue sea ... and the red rose petals in the glass slipper.""I was quite a match!" "(I'm afraid I only shot Mr. Cameraman)." I imagined this very much from the last two photos.You've been able to read this! How about you guys? The air of the day.The wind of the day.Two of them the day!