Mr. Kenshirubi 2005/06/23 "(Maybe I should take it out and show it when we fight lol)"

Glass slippers... they were great! ! 

Everyone's reputation was good, and I don't think I've even seen the people at the ceremony.

I felt a sense of superiority♪ 

I was so happy that I introduced it on my blog.

Please continue to do your best to make glass slippers. 

I will cherish the shoes you made for me as a lifetime memory. 

(Maybe I should take it out when we have a fight w) 

Thank you very much for this time.

Kenshirubi Thank you very much.

I enjoyed reading your email. I also commented on the email asking for permission to publish, but from the phrase "(I wonder if I should take it out when we have a fight lol)", I can hear the "rhythm" of the couple who are having a lot of fun.

One phrase caused a chain reaction in Comfort Cook. An unexpected use for a glass slipper? (A secret scheme?) I was also secretly surprised in my heart! I wonder what? "I wonder if the glass slipper has become something like a 'song of memories for two people'?" . . . There is no doubt that you became a "happiness icon" in 2005. 

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