Kendaru-san 2005/06/23 "(I will show out and show it when I was jealous w)"

Glass shoes ... it was the best! !


Everyone's reputation was good, and it seems that people in the ceremony were not seen

There was a sense of superiority♪ 


It was too happy and introduced on my blog w

Please do your best from now on and continue making glass shoes.


The shoes you made are important for their lifetime memories.


(Will be taken out when you hesitate w)


Thank you very much this time.

Thank you very much.


Email I read it happily. We also commented on the email asking for publication, but "Rhythm" of a very enjoyable couple is heard from the phrase "(I'll take it out when I was jealous).


From one phrase, chain reaction has occurred in Comfort Cook. Do not think about glass shoes? I was secretly amazed in my heart and I was secretly amazing in my heart! I wonder what? Glass shoes have become like a "two memories songs"? . . . There is no doubt that it has become a "happy icon" 2005.


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