Ms. Kanako and Ms. Takeshi 2005/06/03 "We will make a cushion out of white satin fabric and put it into a ring pillow☆"

Dear comfortcook

The glass shoes have arrived! ! 

It's more than I imagined, I'm very impressed☆ 

Create a cushion with white satin,

I will use it as a ring pillow☆ 

Thank you very much for such a wonderful thing. 

You can find comfortcook's HP on the Internet,

I was lucky ☆

Thank you for your help. 

Thank you.

Kanako-sama and Takeshi-sama Thank you very much. On the website, you will be judged mainly based on the photos, so I am praying in my heart that the actual product will meet my expectations (of course, I am confident in my work). Now that we have received your email, we are moving forward. The e-mail for permission to publish this e-mail was also written in a fun way. Thank you. The moment I receive such an e-mail, the stumbling blocks and conflicts in my daily life immediately evaporate. Thank you very much.