Lady Kanako, Takeshi, 2005/06/03 " White satten, create a cushion, put it in, and let me bring it to a ringe.☆"

Master tcook.


Glass shoe, I've got a shoe!

It's more than you can imagine, and it's so great.☆ 

I created a cushion on a white satin place,

and I'd like to put it in a ringpiro.☆ 

Thank you very much indeed for the really wonderful things.

We can find the HP of the online tuses on the Internet.

I was lucky.☆ 

Well, I've been taking care of you.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Kanako.On the website, I would like to make a decision based on photos only, so I think that real things can be answered to the expectations, and (of course they are, of course, with confidence), there are some places that I still have, and I pray to pray for.This is how I can get my mail, and I'm going forward.I have also written an email from which to post this email, as well as a pleasant sentence.Thank you.At the moment I receive these e-mails, the pinch of the mind and the conflict are quickly evaporating,Thank you.