Mr. Matsumoto 2005/07/08 "I'd like to keep it safe until the ceremony, and surprise everyone around me♪"

Hello. The glass shoes have arrived safely! ! I was really happy because I was looking forward to the arrival every day. 

It's cute and very pretty. I was surprised that the table body was so beautiful than I had imagined! ! 

I would like to keep it safe until the ceremony and surprise everyone around me. And I would love to have the other pair of shoes someday! ! (Someday when you have a child...!?) So please do your best in the future. I'm so glad I found Comfort Cook. Thank you very much.

Mr. Matsumoto: Thank you very much. Mr. Matsumoto has a wedding ceremony in November. Steadily, you are designing your own wedding day. I was very happy to receive a decision and request from Comfort Cook so quickly, even though there were still nearly five months until the day of the event. I was able to do the production with ease, and it was a comfortable pressure. Thank you very much. Mr. Matsumoto's idea of ​​``creating the other pair of shoes for some anniversary in the future'' is a good plan, as if you can see the ``image''. It's a blessing for the creator to be able to make it one of such pleasures. When we first started making it, our motivation was to make a memorable day fun. But I couldn't even imagine the possibility of "one day" continuing like this. Hats off.