Matsumoto 2005 / 07 / 08♪"

Hello. Glass shoes arrived safely! I'm really happy to be able to arrive every day.


Cute, very clean. The table body was very beautiful and surprised than I imagined!


I want to keep it to the ceremony carefully and to surprise around♪If you don't like it, I'll report it again. And I want to keep the other shoes someday! When a child was born someday? So please work hard. It was really good to find comfort cook. Thank you.

Thank you Matsumoto. The Matsumoto style was held in November. I design the day of the wedding. I was glad to decide to cook comfort cook soon. The production was also able to be carried out with ease, and it was a comfortable pressure. Thank you. It is a good plan that "the picture" is seen in the idea that "the other shoe is made in the future in the commemoration day in the future" by Matsumoto said. You can make it one of such fun. When we first start making, the motive is that "one day" will be memorized. However, I could not imagine the possibility that "one day" will be connected in this way. I'm off.