Ichikawa-sama 2006/02/27 "Actually, when two dating was working at the shoe store, I thought it was" This is it !! ". "

Thank you for your help.


I received my luggage in the morning of Saturday. 6 pence coins were also included. I'm sorry and I'm sorry. But I was really happy because I was wondering if I could buy it. Thank you very much.


Glass shoes are also impressed by the image street ... Actually, when two encounters were working at the shoe store, I thought it was "This is !!".


It is a restaurant wedding, but the cake is also to make it with the image of "Cinderella shoes". There are complicated thoughts, and two people quit their shoe stores, but they are likely to be able to change the wedding as a wonderful memory. Also, I think that it would be nice if you could report. Thank you very much M (__) m

Munagawa, open an important door, "key" is surely the existence of "shoes". Two people seem to be lucky to be lucky from now on "shoes". It is very honored to choose a comfort cup glass shoe as one of the words in the "shoes". · · The material of glass shoes is spun spun.