Mr. Ichikawa 2006/02/27 "Actually, we met when we were working at a shoe store, so when I saw it in a magazine..."This is it!" "

Thank you for your help. 

I did receive the package on Saturday morning. I also got a 6pence coin. I'm sorry for being impudent. But I was hesitant to buy it, so I'm really happy. Thank you very much. 

The glass slippers were just as I imagined... or more than that, and I was deeply moved. Actually, the two of them met when they were working at a shoe store, so when I saw it in a magazine, I thought, "This is it!" 

It's a restaurant wedding, and the cake is supposed to be made in the image of "Cinderella's shoes". Both of them quit the shoe store because of mixed feelings, but it seems that the wedding will be an opportunity to turn it into a wonderful memory. Also, I would like to be able to report on the state of the wedding ceremony. Thank you very much m(__)m

For Mr. Ichikawa, the “key” that opens an important door must be “shoes.” It seems that good luck will continue to be brought to the two of you in the future with the shape associated with "shoes". I am very honored to have chosen Comfort Cook's glass shoes as one of the things related to "shoes".・・ Memories of a new family are spun through the material of glass shoes.