Mr. Komuro 2006/03/12 "It was a glass slipper that I ordered on my own, but my darling was really impressed and pleased (laughs)."

The glass shoes arrived this morning! it's great! It is more beautiful than I thought! ! 

I am grateful to you for noticing that the ceremony was imminent and for delivering it the day after it was completed. 

These glass slippers I ordered on my own accord, but my darling was really impressed and happy (laughs) 

For the reception, we are thinking about costumes and entertainment with Cinderella as a motif, so I think we can do a very good presentation for the guests who come! 

With the glass slipper in hand, I went to the bookstore and browsed through the "Cinderella" picture book again... As expected, it's nice. thank you very much.

Mr. Komuro, it was really good. Thank you very much. So you ordered the glass slipper on your own. (The word "arbitrary" seems to have caught a glimpse of Mr. Komuro's "loving, mischievous" side, and I have a feeling that the family that will be created by the two will be very happy.)・・ Memories of a new family are spun through the material of glass shoes. (And... our memories are being spun)