Midasa-sama 2006/03/06 " We will take a new step along with glass shoes, and remember that on that day we are watching the glass shoes of your company watching by us."

When the glass slipper arrived, I was just trying to say thank you, but I didn' t think it would be enough to answer the answer.


Now, I will be glad to see my mail on the website.I wrote it in the last email, but we created it, and we let the glass slipper be used for the wedding.


I don't know how to get married, but I don't know how to get married.


to get the time of the dream that I have never seen before.As a motif for Cinderella, I think of the costumes and music as the motifs.


How many of these things are we going to think of, and are there no glass shoes in the world?thought the thought.


I looked at it as fast as I could, and the company came into my eyes and looked into the contents of the content.


When I saw the product I received, I thought this was destiny.


I am sure that our formula will not be perfect without the glass slipper that has arrived.But with the glass slipper, I came to the more perfect one.


We will take a new step along with glass shoes, and remember that on that day, the glass shoes of your company are being watched by us.




As in the previous session, I would like to give my best regards to the content of this email.


March 6, 2006: Otoko FUKUZAWA (XX)

(Note: A part of the name is given by o-stame.)

March 1, 2005: A letter from Fukasawa


It was so beautiful! I'm glad I ordered it.In fact, we will have a wedding on May 27.


This glass slipper will be used at the wedding! Thank you very much.

In the morning when Mr. Fukasawa's mail arrived, I extended my hands! I was happy to have been so happy.In a web-page editing, where you will post your email, I read the words of the email carefully and carefully to the thin air of Mr. Fukasawa, and it is a little bit of a little cry.I am happy that I have a glass shoe that I have made, as a new step in the step of Fukasawa's step and the day that he is watching.On May 27, the calendar was written as "Fukazawa Shikyo Shiki no Jikki" (The Day of Fukazawa Shiki).-- with the material of glass shoes, the memories of the new family are spun.(And our memories are spun.)