Mr. Fukasawa 2006/03/06 "We will take a new step forward together with the glass slipper, so please remember that your company's glass slipper will be watching over us on that day."

When the glass slipper arrived, I wanted to say thank you, so I sent a reply without thinking, but I didn't think I would receive that reply. 

Well, I would be happy to accept your email on the site. As I wrote in my previous email, we will use the glass shoes you made for our wedding. 

is about how we should treat the wedding guests. 

To have a dream time like you've never seen before. With Cinderella as a motif, I think of the atmosphere, costumes, and music. 

While thinking about all these things, I wondered if there were no glass slippers in this world. I thought. 

When I did some research, your company caught my eye and I liked the content. 

When I saw the product that arrived, I thought it must be fate. 

I'm sure our ceremony wouldn't be complete without the glass shoes that arrived. But the glass slipper made it even closer to perfection. 

As we take a new step with the Glass Slipper, please remember that your Glass Slipper will be watching over us on that day. 


Like last time, please include the contents of this email as well.

March 6, 2006 Fukasawa Shi & Koko

(Note: Part of your name will be withdrawn)

March 1, 2005 Letter from Mr. Fukasawa

It was so beautiful! I'm glad I ordered. Actually, we are getting married on May 27th. 

These glass slippers will be used at the wedding! I'm really thankful to you. 

When this email from Mr. Fukasawa arrived in the morning, I opened my arms! I can't help but be happy that you were so happy. When I edited the web page that posted the emails I received, I carefully reread each word in the emails and felt a little (crying) from Mr. Fukasawa's thoughtful consideration. I am happy that the glass slipper I made is there to watch over Mr. Fukasawa's new step on that day. On May 27th, I immediately wrote “Fukasawa-sama’s wedding day” on my calendar.・・ Memories of a new family are spun through the material of glass shoes. (And... our memories are being spun)