You can find the homepage of comfort cook's☆.

Glass shoes are safe!


It is simple and cute and it is more beautiful than the imagination


The wedding date has become more and more fun when we think that the date of the wedding day and our initials enter and that the same thing is not in the world.


When I was thinking about the ring pillow at first, I liked Disney shoes.


However, when I search on the Internet, I can find the home page of comfort cook☆.


This might have been fate, and I would like to decorate it up to the (o o ^) ceremony and to make everyone happy. Thank you really!

Yamaguchi was good. Thank you. However, I found a website of comfort cook. Thank you so much for this nice email. And I think that "fate" surely exists. I believe it. Thank you. A new time is spinning through the material of glass shoes. And our memories are spinning.)