Mr. Yamaguchi 2006/04/01 "I am truly thrilled that I was able to find Comfort Cook's homepage and get such a wonderful pair of glass slippers."

The glass shoes just arrived! 

Simple but cute, more beautiful than I imagined, I'm deeply moved v(^-^)v 

It has the date of the wedding and our initials, and when I realize that there are no two identical ones in the world, I'm looking forward to the actual wedding even more. 

At first, when I was thinking about what to do with a ring pillow, I was surprised at my own idea, thinking that glass slippers would be good for a Disney lover like me. 

But when I searched the Internet to see if they actually sold glass slippers, I found Comfort Cook's website, and was able to get my hands on such a wonderful pair of slippers. I am deeply moved. 

This may have been fate. I'm really thankful to you!

Mr. Yamaguchi, that was great. Thank you very much. Anyway, thank you for finding the Comfort Cook website. (Sometimes I can't find it on the search site) And thank you very much for such a wonderful email. And I'm sure there is a "fate". I'm making it while believing that. Thank you very much.・ A new time will be spun through the material called glass shoes. (And... our memories are being spun)