As soon as I reached 2007 / 02 / 04, I opened the box in a hurry (but glass) carefully WOW!☆He said unconsciously.



This cold chill, like spring, continued.


Originally, it was such a winter, but it was cold and I had a little cold.


Do you like Mr. ITO?


By the way, the mail of the glass arrived safely at hand, so I wanted to report and thank you this time.


As soon as I arrived, I opened the box in a hurry. WOW!☆He shouted unconsciously.


It's very pretty.


Many times, I love Cinderella and I've seen a lot of Disney videos.


♪If you believe in hot times, dreams come true♪Cinderella is singing.


In this desperate world, such a story became nothing but the world in the picture book


When I watch this glass shoe, I feel like I can believe it.


I want to challenge a wedding ceremony with such a beautiful heart.


Thank you very much for everyone of the comfottalk staff, Hiromichi Ito of charge in charge of this time. Please take care of your body and do your best.

Thank you so much.


I don't know if the words I issued will be useful for comfort cook, but I think the number of smiles will increase in the world. If it becomes so, it is wonderful. " Said he.


Thank you for the proper email. You will be able to gather the warm words that you have, and have the strength to find your dream today and tomorrow.


Thank you very much. I think that smile is surely born in smile. We also make believe so. Thank you.


A new time is spinning through the material of glass shoes. And our memories are spinning.)