Kanade 2007/02/04 "As soon as it arrived, I hurriedly opened the box (but I was careful because it was made of glass). I unconsciously said, "Wow...☆." "


It's been a warm spring-like day, but this sudden cold. 

This is what winter is supposed to be like, but I don't like the cold, so I caught a little cold. 

Mr. Ito, have you changed? 

The reason I am sending you this email is that the glass shoes have arrived safely, so I wanted to let you know and thank you. 

As soon as it arrived, I hurriedly opened the box (but carefully because it was made of glass). "Wow... ☆" I unconsciously let out a voice. 

It is very, very beautiful. 

 I have said this many times, but I love Cinderella and have been watching Disney videos since I was little. 

♪ Cinderella sings, "Even if it's hard, if you keep believing, your dreams will come true." 

In this bleak world, such beautiful things are no longer understood only in the world of picture books, but

When I look at these glass slippers, I feel like I can believe in such beauty. 

I would like to challenge the wedding with such a beautiful heart. 

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the COMFORTCOOK staff and Mr. Hiromichi Ito, who was in charge. Please take care of yourself and continue to be active.

Thank you, Kanade. 

In response to the e-mail that it was OK to publish, Mr. Kanade said, "I don't know if the words I uttered can help Mr. Comfort Cook, but I want to share my feelings with as many people as possible. I think there will be more people in the world who smile if you do. It would be nice if that happened. ’ said. 

Thank you for your kind email. Armed with the warm words you have given me, I will continue to have the strength to stare at my dreams today and tomorrow. 

Thank you very much. "I think that a smile will surely give birth to a smile." We are also making it while believing that. Thank you very much. 

・ A new time is spun through the material called glass shoes. (And... our memories are being spun)