TOCCA-sama 2007/03/27 "It is a work of thinking that I wanted to draw, and I decided to do this! I also consulted him for a while.

Thank you for this time.

I received a product.


There was a person who loves "Cinderella" in the letter from HP customers, but I also love Disney's work and I have many DVDs. It will be a similar episode, but I thought it would be good if I had a glass shoe ring pillow. Aren't you hit?


Moreover, let's do this with the work that you want to draw! ! I decided to.


I also consulted him for a while, but almost my seller ... (laughs)


After that, I was troubled with my sister and I was worried about it, and it was rare, and I made it a non-slip with an anti-slip with FLOW type.


When I arrived, I opened the cardboard box and I felt felt slowly and opened the lid slowly.


When I could see a red foundation, I was excited and I was cheering alone when I could see the glass shoes.


As the voice of the other people, I was more beautiful and impressed more than I imagined.


The new box is also very nice to see silver foil in red☆ 


It is a beauty that is not an exaggeration to say that it is the protagonist of the ceremony.


I immediately showed her sister and sent it by email.


Expressions are about one month later, but I think that everyone can show this to everyone is very excited from now.


Thank you for the wonderful work that remains in the memories.


Please make a wonderful work from now on.

I support you while it.

Thank you TOCCA.

Thank you for your compliant email.


It is almost decided by a certain sister, and the final study of the sister and type ... is a fun scene. And one more month. Of course the day of the ceremony, it will surely be a wonderful time for this one month. We have been communicated with your sister and groom's light exchange and looked very fun (we cherish fun).


TOCCA is also planning this "glass shoes" and special things with your sister (this is a secret <(_ _)>). I am honored to think about thinking and thinking about this way. Producers are for the interests. Thank you, TOCCA.


· · The new time will be spun with the material of glass shoes. (And · · We will also spin our memories)