Coco * like 2007 / 03 / 28 "the ceremony is at the Central Union Cathedral in Hawaii, but with the base of the shoe, Virgin Road is also red."



I received a ring pillow of glass shoes yesterday.


It was really wonderful and lovely when I saw the real thing!

The wedding is at the Central Union Cathedral in Hawaii.

I'm going to feel Cinderella Cinderella

@ photographer

I think that the glass shoes will be left to the photograph wonderful.


Thank you very much for this♪ 


It was really nice to meet glass shoes.

I will report again with the photograph after the ceremony.

Thank you for coco *.

The coco * expression is a little earlier this autumn. It seems to have been requested to comfort cook ahead. Thank you. In the mail of the answer of the OK OK, it was said that the cherry blossoms were full in the coco * like place while touching the episode of the childhood and the preparation of the future. I found a coco * look full of kindness to the mail that feels the cherry blossoms. Thank you.

New time is spinning through the material of glass shoes.

(and our memories are spinning)