SNK 2007/04/02 "This day coincidentally coincided with the anniversary of when I started dating my boyfriend, so I felt a strange connection to receiving the 'Glass Slipper' at just the right time☆"

Dear Comfort Cook,

The product arrived safely on March 31st!

Coincidentally, this day also happened to be the anniversary of when I started dating him, and I felt a strange connection to receive the "Glass Slipper" at the perfect time☆

I was the only one in the house when I opened the package, but I was so surprised at how beautiful it was that I couldn't help but shout out☆

The impression continues even now! I hope it lasts forever! !

Actually, the other day, when I was looking carefully at the introduction of the new box, I found "H&S ETERNAL" shoes decorated with flowers!

Could it be our shoes that we haven't seen yet? ! I was so excited, and at the same time, I was very happy to be on this site as a fan☆

("ETERNAL" was taken from the movie we saw two years ago on March 31st, when we had our first date, and the title was "Eternal Sunshine".)

The real glass shoes are really nice! It's more than I imagined ☆Since I bought the pen, I've gone out of my way to suggest red and white ideas, and specially made the table body with few air bubbles.

In addition, thank you very much for giving me a replacement nozzle as a gift! I was very happy♪

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Ito for his warm consideration.

The new box also has a good sense! I really like it ☆ The motif of "the clock past 12 o'clock" is somewhat imaginative. Certainly, in Cinderella's story, the magic breaks after 12 o'clock. However, as Goethe said, if you believe in yourself, the magic will never be broken...the magic will continue to exist as a reality...I'm sorry if I'm wrong. ★

I would really like to hear Mr. Ito's interpretation.

The reason why I chose red and silver (white) this time is because I changed the color of the wedding ceremony to a kimono. With the meaning of red and white.

So the new box on the red base is ideal.

After using it as a ring pillow in the chapel, of course, we plan to display it at the wedding reception♪

I'm looking forward to everyone's reaction from now on.

This time, we are happy to have met Mr. Ito and this wonderful site ☆ We will never forget the pure feelings of childhood when we longed for "Glass Slippers", and this is filled with the thoughts of everyone at Comfort Cook. I would like to move forward step by step towards the future together with "Glass Shoes".

Thank you very much! !

Sorry for the long post★

ガラスの靴リングピロー SNK様のお写真 お城

SNK sent us two more photos right after this email. Two years before the wedding ceremony, when I traveled with my friend to "Neuschwanstein Castle" in Germany, these are snapshots taken with a mobile phone camera. This castle is the model for Disneyland's Cinderella Castle. If you borrow SNK's words as they are,

``Neuschwanstein Castle was a very impressive castle, suitable for the end of the Romantic Road!! It's not in front, but it seems to be a superb view point.”

When I received permission to publish this letter from SNK, at the same time, SNK strongly recommended that I start a blog. When I started the blog, I promised to post SNK's letter first. But at that time, various things overlapped and I couldn't write a blog. Now that we've updated our site, we've added a blog and a corner where we can properly introduce our customers' letters.

Well, at that time, I told you "my interpretation" that SNK asked in the letter like this.

... "Glass Shoes" is also a story that devises "time". (Afterword: In response to the movie "Eternal Sunshine") It's just like SNK's interpretation. I believe that the imagination that allows us to imagine our dreams, this special ability that humans have, is the engine that creates the future. Looking at the unit of long life, I think that the magic that Goethe talks about will really come true.

Moreover, it is strange that it sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of individual imagination and is guided by "fate" and "fate" and develops further. The "Glass Slipper" I have now. I think it's proof that SNK's magic will continue to materialize in the future.

(I've come to the realization that the composition of the production side saying things like this is a strange commercial scheme, but I think that convincing imagination = magic. If the future can only be created that way, I think the future will actually be created that way.

・・・SNK is a special customer for us as well, given this opportunity for communication and awareness. I think it's good to do this job at times like this. Even if there are many things, at this moment, I will be filled with gratitude, and the extra feelings will dissipate. <(_ _)>

The "Glass Slipper" that was delivered on SNK's "special day" was an unexpected coincidence, but it may have been God's "magic" for SNK...