N&Y 2010/10/07 "It was very convenient because it is not slippery."


I placed an order in June. I didn't want to put letters on the surface of the shoes, so I had the names and dates of the two people engraved on the inside (the part that corresponds to the insole) from the back. The surface of the shoe was smooth and shiny, and the lettering on the inside was more beautiful than I expected. 

Thank you for your advice. The wedding ceremony was held on July 18th, and even the priest was surprised when he saw the glass shoes. 

When exchanging rings, the priest took the ring and put it on his palm, so I didn't use a ribbon and just put the ring on it. I got the coin right. It is very convenient because it is non-slip. It's nice to have a lot of ingenuity. 

I will cherish it for the rest of my life. 

Thank you very much. 


The "corsage" that decorates the feet of the glass shoes and the chest of the "red stand" in the photo (bottom) is N&Y's original arrangement. It uses the mechanism of the box on the red stand. In the past, there have been people who have made original arrangements for the glass slippers, such as attaching nail decorations to the slippers, but N&Y is the first to add a twist to the box. .

ガラスの靴のリングピロー with Water  NY様のお写真 コサージュデコレーション
ガラスの靴のリングピロー with Water  NY様のお写真 神父さまが持つシーン

What came to my mind was the Hermès logo. ``Empty carriage where the master is not seated.'' About this logo, in Kinuko Tottori's ``French Brand Aesthetics'' (Bunka Publishing Bureau), ``Hermes prepares the best products, but it is the one who controls them. It is said that it is the customer himself."

Adding an original arrangement like N&Y means that you are "managing" your own "glass slipper" when it arrives. "It means that you will control the "glass slipper", a symbol of magic that can never be solved."

So, Mr. N&Y has made the eternal magic his own.

Postscript: Mr. N&Y is actually very creative in choosing photos and writing sentences. It would be nice if you could convey the "intention and will" of Comfort Cook, which is difficult to describe in terms of product description, to as many people as possible. I was impressed.

The photo of the priest holding the "glass slipper" in both hands is actually an image of why the "glass slipper" is placed on a "red stand" as a "dressing box mechanism". it is an indication.

If you hold the ``glass slipper'' naked and move your ``body'' in that state, the ``glass slipper'' is round, so the top surface with the ``ring'' on it will become I wonder if it's facing "up" properly.

In the "glass slipper" on this "red stand", you will not be holding the "round" "glass slipper" directly, but you will be holding a "square plate", so you can see the "glass slipper". Even if you don't have it, it will be easier to keep it "horizontal" intuitively. "That's why I feel safe even when I have a small ring boy carry it."

In addition, the etching specification in the letter: ``The two names and dates are engraved from the back on the inside (the part corresponding to the insole)'' will be officially made into an ``optional specification'' in the near future. . This new specification is also written specifically so that the reader can imagine what it is like. I just admire your thoughtfulness.

Thank you.