N&Y: 2010/10/07. It was very useful because it wasn't going to slip."

Good afternoon.


I had the order made in June.I didn' t want to put any letters on the surface of my shoe, so I had to engrave the two names and dates on the inside (the middle part of the shoe).The surface of the shoe was very handsome, with the thought of the characters in the Tsuruzle Picapica.


Thank you very much for your advice.On July 18, when the ceremony was held, the father and father looked at the glass shoes and said, "Oh!"


When the ring was exchanged, the father and his father hand the ring to the side of the hand, so they did not use the ribbon, so they had the ring untouched.I've got the coins properly.It was very useful because it didn' t like to slip.I'm glad I've been in various ways.


I'll take care of my life.


Thank you very much.



The glass slipper, the "Corsage", on the chest of the glass slipper and the chest of the red table, is the original of N&Y's original.A red-table box system is used.In the past, it was the first time for N&Y to add an ingenuity in the box to the original glass shoe, such as the glass slipper and the necklace of the neceshets.

Ringe Pillow with Water with Water with Water with the New York Photography Coral Decoation
the scene of a glass shoe with a photographic father with Water in New York

I remembered the logo of "Hermès". "My husband is not sitting, a vacant carriage." On the logo of "French Brand Beauty," it is said that "Hermès has the best products, but it is our customers who are the best."


As with N&Y, the addition of the original range means that your glass slipper is your own, arriving at hand. A magical symbol, "Glass Shoes," which cannot be unsolved forever, is to be done by yourself.


That's why N&Y has made the eternal magic to be his own.

After all, N&Y has a lot of ingenuity, pictographs, photographs, and sentences.I was deeply moved by the fact that, if I could tell as many people as I could, I could tell you that Comfort-Cooke's intention was to be written in a way that was not written in a way that I could write about it.


The image shows how Father has a photograph with a glass shoe in his hands, and how the "glass slipper" is on the "red stand" and the "makeup" system.


If you have a naked glass slipper, and you move your body in that state, you'll be able to see if it is a round glass slipper, and the face of the heavens, which is the face of the "ring", is turning to "top" or "top."


In this'red table,' the 'glass shoes' are not directly connected to the 'glass shoes', so it is easier to maintain a 'horizontal' sensation even if you don't look at 'glass shoes'. It's a good idea to bring it to a little lingboy.


In addition, in the letter, the etching specification: "The inside (the part corresponding to the middle of the room) engraved the names and dates of the two from the back," and "optional specifications" are officially announced.This new specification is specifically written in a way that can be imaginable to see what it is like to read it.I'm just admirable for that concern.


Thank you.