Letters from Takafumi Eto, Oita Prefecture, May 25, 2010: Proposal grand success!

October 25, 2010, 10 :20PM.


I've got a glass slipper today. It's very beautiful, and I like it.☆ 


I was touched by a pitat when I put the ring on it.♪Thank you very much for a really polite response this time!


Thank you, Mr. Ito and your staff! I'm sure she'll be happy!!! I'm really glad that I have always wanted to wear glass shoes! I may order the case again, so I'll take care of it again!


"From the e-mail from the book of the history of Takushi OITETO."


Thank you for your letter, which is the three ... after the other day.

6:05PM on January 24, 2011


I've got some glass shoes and I'll miss it for half a year.I got married last summer, and I got married without a proper proposal.


In the past, the proposal had a dream of being a glass shoe, and I immediately ordered the glass shoes from Comfort Cook, which had been seen on the PC.I fell in love at the moment I saw it, and I thought this was a good idea.However, in the image alone, I couldn't just call out the business hours for the convenience of my job, but I was happy to hear it.You can listen to me, a great story that tells me how big it is, how big it is, and how the image is floating in my head.This guy really loves this job, and he's proud to work with me, and I really thought he was going to be left to this job.It's pretty and pretty for you to reach it.I was confident that I would be able to propose to you with confidence.


It was so light and odor that she proposed to the princes, and she was very happy to do it.Two months later, at the wedding ceremony, I used it as a ringe, and I would propose to use the glass slipper and propose to propose the glass on the side of the welcoming board.It is a remembering memory of me.


Today, girls were born to Christmas Eve last year, and now they are happy.And the front door of the apartment where I live now, is decorated with glass shoes.I haven't been a year yet, but when I come back from work, when I come back from work, I feel fresh when I propose to look at my eyes and think about my wedding when I propose to you.Recently, a geisha named Fujimoto said he proposed using glass shoes at Disneyland in Disneyland, and he burst into laughter.(Laughter) A great glass slipper that makes people happy, and I hope you will make a lot of you happy.Good luck from all of the staff of Comfort Cook, all of you.

"From e-mails (from mobile) to Takafumi KOBANDO"