Tokyo, Japan Letter from Mr. H.K June 7, 2010 The proposal in front of Disney's Cinderella Castle was a great success!

This is ●●, who sent me the glass slipper ring pillow the other day. (Order number ______) Sorry for the late reply. 

I am writing to let you know that I have arrived safely the other day and that I have successfully proposed to you. 

 Thank you very much for taking the time to write and send it. 

When I saw the real thing, I was very moved and deeply moved! The moment I opened the box, I realized again, "I'm glad I asked you to make it." 

Also, the idea of ​​including "Cinderella" in the design itself was Mr. Ito's idea, and it was really good! 

With or without this, I feel that my memories have increased in weight, and I am truly grateful to Mr. Ito. 

As I mentioned earlier, the proposal itself was held in front of Cinderella Castle at Disneyland on Saturday, June 5th. (Passed at night on a bench in a relatively quiet area with Snow White Fountain.) 

As a result, she was able to receive it safely, and she was very happy! ! 

To be honest, the design and material left a strong impression on me, and I was more surprised than I expected! I hope you have created something that will last a lifetime. 

She also really liked her glass slippers because she said, "You can look at them all day long and not get bored!" 

Both she and I would like to purchase the optional pedestal glass and museum case, and I would like to ask you again. 

She also said that she would like to decorate it at her wedding, so I would like to discuss it with you again! Thank you again and again for this time. I will email you as soon as possible.