Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella proposition!

The other day, we sent a ring pillow of glass shoes. I'm sorry for the late communication.


I was able to report it safely because I arrived safely the other day and the proposal was finished safely.


Thank you very much for sending me a spare time.


I was very impressed by myself, and there was a deep impression! When I opened the box, I realized that it was good to ask me to make it.


Moreover, the idea of putting "Cinderella" in the design itself was Ito's idea, and it was really good!


I think that the impression increases more weight in the absence of this, and I really think that ITO is not able to be cut off thanks.


As for the proposal itself, I did it in front of Cinderella Castle of Disney Landes on Saturday, June 5, as I said. I gave it to the night in the relatively quiet area of the snow white fountain.)


As a result, she was able to receive her safely and she was very glad!


As for the design and the material which remained in impression with the power that eats the ring main body, I was surprised at it more than expected. I think that I made the thing that remains in the memorial of the life.


She also liked glass shoes, "I don't get tired of seeing all day long".


I want to buy an optional pedestal glass and Museum case, and I want to buy it again, and I think that I can request it again.


From her mouth, there is a story "I want to decorate it with a wedding ceremony", and I think that I can consult it again! Thank you again for this. Email me immediately.