2011/01/19 " I found Comfort Cook when I saw the ringing in the net."

Hello! Glass shoes, I've arrived safely.


Thank you. ^ ^


I knew it was really beautiful and beautiful in the web, but I was really impressed when I opened the box, and I was really cute.


I'm going to order you on the phone and put the letters on the enemy. Thank you very much. I'm really excited about the February wedding ceremony! I'm going to have a glass of glass slit on the album.


I found a Comfort Cook when I saw the ringing in the net.I'd like to keep up with it all the time.Thank you very much. ^ ^


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I received a phone call from the New Year's Day, 2011, as I said.In addition to having the web site know what is known, we will not only consult with the specifications, but also make a decision by phone and make a decision on the sculpture, which is also sculpting the original text.In general, don't "verify" the "image confirmation" that you usually do with your email (image attachments) or Fax, and start the real work with your "appointment".


I am confident that I will be able to pay you with confidence, but I am confident that I will be able to pay you with a new discovery, but I will be nervous.This is the first time that I have to write a letter.and it brings me to a "lonelight joy.""I am satisfied with the case," said the letter, "I am satisfied with the case," and " I keep the box in a box until the ceremony is held, but I will find it every time I open it.I'd like to put a ring on it quickly! I really love it!I would like to show them to everybody as soon as possible, and I'm afraid I have to shrink my words. Thank you.


*If you don't want to order a PC, don't give up your attachments or don't give up your mail.You can also ask for your order by telephone.However, we can't confirm prior "finished images" by email (or fax), so carefully, carefully and carefully, we'll be able to make a phone call with you on a phone call.Then, the finish is 'oirase' (to leave the hands of the one).We will deliver it at the 'finish' with a new discovery.


Thank you for your time.