A letter from S. A, Nagano Prefecture, was sent to her close friend on September 29, 2014, "A pair of glass slipper."

2014 8/29 


I tried to make a wedding for my best friend's wedding, and I tried to make a story, but I didn' t like it, so I went too long.


At the wedding this time, I wanted to be in time, and I met the glass slipper.I fell in love at first sight, but I thought this was good.


I'm looking forward to what I look like when a glass slipper arrives.We are originally from Gifu, but we went to Okinawa, and after a few years, she moved to Okinawa and lived there for a birthday party every year!


She got married and went back to Okinawa, and I have returned to the mainland, and I will return to Okinawa again next year.That's our relationship.Mr. Dana is a good man, too.Thank you for your good wishes.I'm glad I was able to talk on the phone.

2014 9/29 


Thank you for the other day.Yesterday, the wedding was finally over, and I had a great role as a speech.


When I entered the chapel, I saw the glass slippery, and the tears were spilled.Thank you very much for making a nice pair of shoes.


The chapel's shoes were quite a match for the chapel that would allow for the beautiful sea of Okinawa to be.

This is the extension.If you had asked me to write a request for permission to post, Mr. S. A said that the letter was "expected" in the letter above, but it was "hot" and "hot," but "hot" and "yes!" in a very powerful and happy voice.My best friend is here and there's a lot of fun, and I'm happy to hear your voice, and we're happy.