Dear Acchan, Okinawa December 27, 2015 Successful proposal!

Thank you for making the wonderful glass shoes the other day 

I was able to give it to my girlfriend as a surprise

I was nervous on the day, but the joy of finally being able to hand it over was stronger than that, so I managed to confess just as I had imagined

I was really happy when they saw the glass slippers and said, "Wow!!"

After that, while looking at the shoes and the pedestal together, I boasted with a triumphant look about the message that was engraved on the pedestal and the meaning of sending the glass slipper.

I would like to share this very memorable gift with my friends if I have the chance. Thank you for the wonderful shoes.

Dear Acchan from Okinawa Prefecture Thank you for your letter full of realism and permission to post it