K&Y, Niigata Prefecture April 21, 2015 "The ring pillow I've been longing for since long before I met my husband."

I received a nice pair of glass slippers today. 

I'm very impressed because it was the ring pillow I longed for! 

I would like to decorate it not only as a ring pillow but also as a welcome item at a wedding. thank you very much!

May 9 Thank you for your postscript reply. 

Thank you for introducing me by email. 

The ring pillow I've been dreaming of since long before I met my husband. Just as ideal, it was a ring pillow full of old dreams. 

I was very happy to see my name on it. I had a lot of thoughts that I couldn't convey in the last email! Please use "K&Y" for ●● in "Email from ●● in Niigata Prefecture". 

Please continue to deliver ring pillows full of admiration and dreams.

Let me introduce you to two emails. This email made me very happy...