K&Y, Niigata Prefecture, April 21, 2015, "Linge Pillo, a longing longing for my master,""

Today, I've got a nice glass of glass.


I was so thrilled that I was a longing piloe, Linghpilow.


I would like to decorate it as a wercom goods, not just as a Ringa, but as a werkham.Thank you!

Thank you for your response on May 9.


You'll be fine with your email.


I've been longing to meet my husband for a long time, and I'm not in the long run.Just as I was, I was a ringe pirae, filled with a long, old dream.


I was so glad that I had my name.I have a lot of thoughts that I haven't heard in the previous email. "Please K&Y" for "E-mail from Niigata Prefecture."


I hope you will continue to deliver your longing longing and dream-filled ringing.

I'd like to introduce you two emails.This is a very happy email.