Miyazaki Prefecture K-sama May 3, 2015 "I want to pass to my sister, and I'm very waiting for you to pass ..."

Glass shoes arrived! Thank you very much for making it very nice! ! As I ordered as a gift, I'm very happy to pass! You should surely like it♪I really thank you!


E-mail is good! OK. Please give me an initial "K".


Since then…


After the glass shoes arrived, I was able to give it safely! In fact, I was looking for a giving a gift for "Glass shoes ring pillow" to a celebration of my registered sister.


And I fell in love with this "Glass Shoes" and ordered at first sight.


I was very happy to receive and I was really happy and opened immediately when I arrived. Thank you very much for making it so nice to see for a while!


I want to pass to my sister quickly and wait for passing it very much .... When I passed, my sister and my husband's face still can not be forgotten!


And the words that were said by my sister .... "Happy to get such a nice glass shoe! You will be used by the ceremony! ! I also feel very happy.


And another. In the hidden room of "Museum Case", which was purchased with glass shoes, I was hidden Surprise present secretly.


My sister I found it was overjoyed again! I was really happy! I respect you, your favorite sister wants to be happy!


Comfort Cook's "Glass Shoes", I am delighted to be a favorite sister, and I am very happy .... It was really good to give a present! ! I really thank you! ! I am filled with gratitude! !

On the other day, I received a reply for "License of publication" from K-like.

If you read it, you will feel warm. Not only us, who read this sentence is a letter that will receive warm feelings, and it is a letter that feels happy ... there asked "Posting" again, and the answer of OK again I had.