Tokyo H.s, January 9, 2016 Surprise Glass Shoes Presented on Birthday

From the time of emptying the cardboard of the glass shoes, I can not forget it still to see the glass shoes.


If you leave the cardboard, if you take out the glass shoes wrapped in silk, the glass shoes wrapped in silk, the names are printed, and it was really like Phat and magical I went to the glass shoes.


The form of the shoes with a slightly weighted glass shoe was round and clean and enjoyed it from various angles. I'm looking at it completely.


Rather than looking at the site, I think that you will be attracted to the world view of the world of glass shoes and the beauty of the beauty of the glass. If you have such a wonderful gift, many women think that they would receive the same impression. It became a fan of Comfort Cook soon.


(Abbreviated) P. S It seems to have become a trico of glass shoes and I will watch the site for a long time. w


(Abbreviated) I am also cheering as a fan, who can send a wonderful dream in the form of glass shoes. The other day, thank you very much for making Dearest private. I will take care of life.