Mr. H.S, Tokyo January 9th, 2016 Surprise glass slipper present for his birthday

Ever since I opened the cardboard box for the glass slipper I received, I still remember the excitement of holding it in my hand and looking at it. 

When I opened the cardboard box, I took out the glass slipper that was carefully wrapped in silk in a nice gold-colored box, and found that my name was beautifully printed on it. As I said, I took my heart to the glass slipper. 

The shape of the heavy glass slipper is round and beautiful, and I enjoyed looking at it from various angles. I never get tired of watching it. 

I think you will be more fascinated by the weight and beauty of the glass shoes when you hold them in your hands rather than on the actual site. I thought that many women would feel the same way if they received such a wonderful gift. I immediately became a fan of Comfort Cook. 

(Omitted) P.S. It seems that I've really fallen into the trap of the Glass Slipper, and I keep looking at the site. w

(Omitted) As a fan, I hope that you will continue to share your wonderful dreams in the form of glass slippers. Thank you very much for making Dearest for me the other day. I will cherish it for the rest of my life.