Letter from RO, Aichi December 23, 2016 "Glass Shoes" Proposal! on christmas eve

12/23 20:57 Mr. Ito, Comfort Cook

 Thank you. It's RO. I received the item today. When I opened it to check the contents, I unintentionally let out a voice of "Oh!"

It was very well made, and although it was small, I felt it was elegant. I am sending you a message to say thank you. Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you again in the future. RO

It's February, two months after Christmas Eve. I would like to ask you to post the above letter that I received on the eve of Eve.

I can feel how you carefully decorate it. In winter, when the windows tend to be closed and there is little air exchange. When you wipe the glass slipper with a wet tissue, the microscopic layer of oil on the surface is removed, and the luster returns to a surprising degree. 

It is displayed in a museum case. Even so, microscopic particles enter through a small gap. If you wipe it, you will be surprised. Glass slipper shines. Mr. RO: Thank you for your permission to post your letter.