Letter from Aichi Prefecture RO from December 23, 2016 "Glass Shoes" Proposed ON Christmas Eve

12/23 20:57 Comfort Cook Ito


We become indebted to. RO. Today, I received the product. When I opened the contents, I opened the voice "Oh ~".


I felt that I was very good at a very good work. I will send you a message I want to say. Thank you very much. Also, thank you when there is a relationship of something. RO

It will be February, and the first month after Christmas Eve. We asked the posting of the letter above the ear eve.


I have been telling you how much decorated. When winter tends to spread the window and the air replacement is low. Wining glass shoes with wet tissue, the micro layer of oil on the surface is taken, so it's not like that, the shine will return as you think.


I am in a museum case and decorated. Nevertheless, micro particles enter from a slight gap. If you wipe it, it will be surprised. Glass shoes shine. Thank you for your permission for RO-like letter.