Mr. M.D, Chiba Prefecture 2016/04/22 "When I heard this phrase, 'Important and beautiful dreams that are essential to this earth', and saw the real thing, I understood the meaning very well! "


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 Thank you! 

I couldn't receive it yesterday because I had a meeting at the ceremony hall from morning to night, so I just received it! 

Opening the box, I'm at a loss for words! I just stared at it because of its beauty. Thank you very much for such wonderful glass shoes. 

Hearing these words and seeing them in real life, I now understand the meaning of "precious and beautiful dreams that are essential to this earth"! 

This beautiful work is very polite, and I think it reflects Mr. Ito's personality as it is! I am glad that I was able to ask him again because I felt that he was kind and calm, and that he faced each piece with conviction and made it face to face. 

"Beautiful dream" My dream is to wear a dress that I've secretly dreamed of since I was a little embarrassed, to be like Cinderella. Now that such a dream has come true, I am truly grateful to have met these glass slippers. 

I would like to find translucency in autumn and a special sparkle in Christmas! Before that, in the summer, I will make happy memories together with the sparkling beautiful glass slippers at the ceremony hall ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

I will continue to decorate my home from now on and cherish it. Sorry for the long time. Thank you very much. Excuse me (^^)