Letter from Mr. T.M, Hiroshima Prefecture June 1, 2016 30th wedding anniversary

Thank you very much for helping me with the best surprise gift for my wife's birthday and 30th wedding anniversary. 

This morning, when I asked him to untie the ribbon himself, as expected, he was completely captivated by the "Glass Slipper" as if by magic. 

First of all, I was impressed by the stylish packaging, the glittering glass and beautiful flowers, the birthstone pearl and Dearest, and the one and only message in the world. rice field. It wasn't just a gift for my wife, but Love begins at home! 

When I happened to find out about the existence of the "Glass Slippers" while searching the internet for "Pearl Wedding", I felt like I was led by an invisible, mysterious force. not. 

I am truly grateful to have come across such a wonderful surprise present. Please continue to give dreams to many people. Thank you very much for this time.

I received permission to post this article over the phone, and now my wife always wears the "Pearl Dearest" necklace when she goes out. I was filled with gratitude for being able to do this job in response to Mr. T's voice, who told me about the episode that happened later.