Hiroshima Prefecture T.M From 2016 June 1, 2016 Marriage 30th Anniversary

Thank you very much for helping the best Surprise Presents per my wife's birthday and marriage 30th anniversary.


This morning, I was able to solve the ribbon myself to the person, and it has become a chattered "glass shoes" as if it was magical.


First of all, I was moved by a stylish package, I was moved by a glittering glass and a beautiful flower, I was impressed by the born pearls and Dearest, and I was moved by only one message in the world, and I was pleased with a girl. It's just not just a gift for his wife, but Love Begins at Home! Is a treasure of his home in his home.


I was able to know the existence of "Glass shoes" by chance in the "Petio Circle" accidentally, I do not feel like being guided by an invisible mysterious power.


Thank you very much for meeting such a wonderful surprise present. From now on, keep dreams of many people. Thank you very much.

I received a license by phone, but now my wife seems to be able to attach a "pearl Dearest" necklace when outing. This work has been full of thanks to T-like voice that talks about the episode of the day later.