Thailand D.K-like letter from July 18, 2016 Tanabata's "Glass Shoes" Proposed

Thank you for your help. D.


Her the other day I had her glass shoes and proposed to her in Tanabata on July 7 and succeeded.


She also liked glass shoes. This time, thank you very much.


I can not help even thank you! This glass shoes will be a lifetime!

The international call for confirmation of overseas shipping is May. It was relieved that the time of the meeting is over, and it was completed in the late June, completed in late, and after a few days, I was relieved to contact you. It has been delivered for the first time in Thailand. The above letters have arrived this morning. In the evening, I made an international call and received the consent of publication well. Delivered to the first Thailand Kingdom. For us, it was a request for production that is important to the important memories.