Letter from D.K, Kingdom of Thailand July 18, 2016 "Glass Shoes" proposal for Tanabata

Thank you for your help. It's D. 

The other day, I took her glass slipper and proposed to her on July 7, Tanabata, and it was a success. 

They also liked the glass shoes. This time, thank you very much. 

I can't thank you enough! I will cherish this glass slipper for the rest of my life!

It was in May that I received an international call to confirm the overseas shipment. The time for the meeting passed quickly, and full-scale production started in mid-June, and it was completed in the latter half of the month. This is the first delivery to the Kingdom of Thailand. The letter above arrived this morning. In the evening, I made an international phone call and was kind enough to agree to publish it. First delivery to the Kingdom of Thailand. For us, it was a request for a production that will be an important memory.