A letter from y. o, Saitama Prefecture to July 25, 2016, from the proposal to the reception, "glass shoes" to a pair.



Comfortcook I ordered you to order earlier Thanks to my great success, I would like to present my wedding at the reception. Thank you.




Thank you. It was good to be able to propose safely. Thank you for your suggestion. Because the main role of the day is still a bride, can you make it by the second one that you proposed?


Two boxes, please. Please continue.

This summer, I received your letter. The proposal in your letter is just a year ago. We were happy to announce that we are coming to a wedding soon.


The white exclusive box has the same structure as the "slippers" in the case of one glass shoe and two glass shoes.


For two boxes, we set the second "glass shoes". There is an empty place in the box. On the other hand, the two first glass shoes are set in an empty place on the other day, and two pairs of glass shoes can be beautifully arranged and decorated.


Even if there was a time difference, it was transferred to the foreign country. Thank you. In addition, there is still a continuation in the talk with y. o...