Letter from Ehime Prefecture S.K-like August 14, 2016 From "Home Propose" to "Proposed" Take 2 Glass Shoes to Take 2

We become indebted to. K.Thank you for your prompt suggestions! The first proposal has become a gudaguda at home, it is important to it, it's a good memory, but it's a great opportunity, so I would like to do my best with the power of glass shoes with TAKE2 in the reception of the reception. Thank you for your consideration!


As for characters such as letters, I would like to make as simple as possible, so it's just a good "image OK" with the feeling of suggestion. The error is okay. I would like to ask one point, but I think there is a blue ribbon in the image plan, but is this coming? Very ribbons are also beautiful, and I think it is just good from the planning of the Samcing for? So thank you.

That is right. The proposal of your home is not a person, but there is no flashy, but it will be very very very much, "very good memories" as K-like.


This request is to produce "glass shoes" for "propose" Take2. K-like voices talked with a telephone meeting will be a fresh and fresh afterglow. TAKE2 will be able to write a wonderful fun memories and wonderful pleasures to the story of the "home propose". "Blue ribbon" in the letter. This is, of course, included. Actually, this "light blue ribbon", not only the decoration, but also the important role. The purpose of stabilizing "glass shoes" standing. This is a mechanism to be relieved, which is safe for a small child or Ring bearer.