Letter from S.K, Ehime Prefecture August 14, 2016 From "Proposal at home" to "Proposal" Take 2 Prepare the glass slipper this time

Thank you for your help. It's K. Thank you for your quick suggestion! The first proposal ended up being a mess at home, which is a precious and good memory, but since it's a great opportunity, I'd like to do my best with the power of the glass shoes to take 2 at the reception. Thank you very much! 

I would like to keep the engraving of the characters as simple as possible, so I think the idea you suggested is just right. Misspellings are okay. I would like to ask you one thing.I think there is a blue ribbon in the image plan.Will this come with it? The ribbon is very beautiful, and I think it's just right for the Something Four project, but what do you think? So thank you.

That's right. Proposals at home are not meant to be shown to others, so they are not flashy, but as Mr. K said, they will be very, very important and good memories. 

The request for this time is to create a "Glass Slipper" for "Proposal" Take 2. Mr. K's voice during the telephone meeting leaves a relaxed and refreshing afterglow. At Take2, you will be able to add wonderful and fun memories to your story, which is a perfect match for a "home proposal". The "blue ribbon" in the letter. This is of course included. In fact, this "light blue ribbon" plays an important role as well as a decoration. The purpose is to stabilize the "glass shoes" while standing. This is a safe mechanism that allows even small children to serve as ring bearers with peace of mind.