Letter from Mr. M.H, Chiba September 9th, 2016 Glass shoes, smiling while opening the box♡

I'm late in getting back to you, but I've arrived safely!!

Smiling while opening the box♡ 

I was deeply moved by the wonderful glass slippers on the ideal path♡❤︎ 

Thank you!

At the stage of the image meeting before actually making the glass slipper, Mr. M.H sent me a reference photo he had on hand. This is reflected in the words "And They Lived" and "Happily Ever After" on the side of this glass slipper. It is a meeting to cherish the total image of your own wedding that will be greeted soon. Today (9/12), I received a phone call and received a reply that it was OK to publish the above letter. Dear M.H, Thank you very much for the pleasant meeting.