A letter from Nagasaki Prefecture "Masa-kun" June 10, 2017 "Glass Shoes" Dearest proposal success

June 6, 2017 21:43 

Thank you for your help. Today, the glass shoes arrived as scheduled.

I am so impressed with these wonderful glass slippers! Beautiful and clean. Not only the shoes, but also the decorations such as cases, boxes, and ribbons will bring out the joy. Thank you for your kind attention to the corrections. thank you very much! 

Finally, on the 9th (Friday), after dinner at the restaurant, I will have the hotel chapel reserved for my proposal. I'm thinking of handing over the glass slipper after I've said the words. I think I will be nervous, but I would like to do my best!

June 10, 2017 11:54 

Thank you very much for your help from the other day. Yesterday, I made a surprise proposal at the glass slipper and it was a huge success!

After eating at the restaurant, I asked the staff to guide me to the chapel and proposed.

Will you marry me engraved on the glass slipper? When I showed it to him, he read it aloud and asked me to marry him, then handed me the shoes.

It was a surprise, and they were very impressed. I was moved by the beauty of the glass shoes and the secret preparations. In the future, I would like to display it carefully in a case and display it at a wedding.

And every time I look at the glass slipper, I will remember this day and the things I was involved in making. Mr. Ito supported me in the important moments of my life, and I will never forget them. Thank you for responding to my requests one by one with your warm words. Even though the production period was short, we received a speedy response. It's a pity that we can't see each other's faces, but I would appreciate it if you have any connections. thank you very much! ! 

Congratulations to Masa-kun.

It all started on the first day of May when I received a phone call. We will listen to your wishes through a telephone interview. Then, after a meeting about the finished image, the production started. When I have a meeting based on the finished image, I expand my imagination toward the future. 

"Masa-kun" on the other side of the phone asking for permission to publish this letter is the same person as when we had a meeting on the phone before production, but today after the phone call I realized that The second is to create a feeling similar to the afterglow of the person I am talking to for the first time. This is always strange. "Proposal great success", in other words, I think that's what it is. Looking back today, it all happened so quickly. "Masa-kun"! "Thank you very much for the fun memories we had."