A letter from "Masakunin" in Nagasaki Prefecture: "Glass Shoes" Dearest Proposals Success

June 6, 2017, 21:43


I'm taking care of it.I received my glass slipper today as scheduled.


It's a nice glass slipper. It's beautiful. It's beautiful.and not only the shoes, but also the cases, boxes, ribbons, and other ornaments, so that they could bring joy.We are grateful for the correction and so on.Thank you!


I'm going to propose to ask for a hotel chapel after meals at a restaurant on September 9 (for the money).I'm going to give you a word and give me a glass slipper.I think I'll be nervous, but I'd like to do it!

11:54 June 10, 2017


I've been very much cared for the other day.Yesterday, I made a surprise proposal on glass shoes, and I was a great success!


After dinner at the restaurant, I asked the staff to bring them to the chapel, and propose to me.


When I showed off the glass slipper, Will you saw me, I showed the other person's voice and gave him a pair of shoes and received them after the words of their wedding.


I've had a surprise, and I've been very moved by that.I was moved by the beauty of the glass shoes and the fact that I was prepared for the first time.I hope you will be able to take care of the case in the future and perform the ceremony at the wedding.


and I would like to remind you of the fact that every time I look at glass shoes I have been involved in this and the production of the day.I will never forget the important time of my life in my life.I am grateful to you for responding to my request with a warm language.Despite the short production period, Speedy has been able to respond to you.I regret that I can't see each other face, but if you have any connection to it, please give my regards to each other.Thank you.

"No, sir," congratulations.


I had a phone call from a day in May.Please take a telephone interview to make sure you want to.Then, after finishing the finished image, the production was started.When you're working with a finished image, you can widen immagnation into the future.


"Masamu," on the other side of the phone, is the same person as the one before the production, and the same person as the one who makes a phone call on the phone before the production is on the phone, and the only thing that I realize today is that I feel like I have to feel like the rhyme of a person who makes a speech.This is always strange.I think the "Proposal Great Success" is what I think.It was just a long time that I looked back at it.Thank you very much for all our pleasurable memories.