Saitama Prefecture KK · Y-Sama from October 10, 2017 Glass Shoes "Dearest" proposal Grand success!

October 10, 2017 14:00


Comfort Cook Ito


We become indebted to. My name K is K. K. I made a glass shoes Dearest at your company.


Contact has been delayed, but I emailed you and thank you for your report.


Thank you very much for producing nice glass shoes.


As I was allowed to tell the design of the design, I finished the proposal and engagement safely on September 19, which is our five-year anniversary.


I am really grateful to receive a careful and quick response from the order to the product arrival and deliver the best glass shoes.


Opened the arrived white box, I actually saw the shoes of the glass, and I felt the love of too much beauty and Ito's love there, and it seems that I was moved to me, and I only had a mess. did not.


On the day, I was making a reservation to Disney Sea Hotel Mira Costa, and I was able to cooperate on the hotel side and to propose safely. At that time, it is usually a large rank room, but it may be a magical of Dearest, or thanks to the love of Ito, or grade up to the suite at check-in, and make a proposal in the best situation. I was able to.


She is very happy that she was very pleased with glass shoes present in the suit room, and she was good to make a production request again. Also, because she is waiting for her, she is waiting for a transparent cover present, thank you.


I also move my engagement and decorate the glass shoes, and I want to keep my hands with two people, and I want to go to a great shoes Dearest and Ito, so I want to go to a lovely couple, and I would like to go to a couple full of love I think. This time, thank you very much.


Saitama Prefecture KK Sama & Y Sama

Congratulations on KK and Y. Yesterday I was talking about the permission of posting on the phone. For me, the most time the heart is calm. By the way, "Magic" is located in the mail sentence, this is not us, but it is the "magic" that kks. Some gears moved out and KK was getting lucky. It is a virtual virtue of KK.


Of "Transparent Cover" in the mail sentence. Nowadays, you will be able to have fun and decoration. Glass shoes Dearest. Decorate to play using a new accessory transparent cover. Oh, the person who made, we also enjoy this decoration idea. Melchen World is also wondering and easy! It is. Ito Section