Letters from Mr. KK and Mr. Y, Saitama Prefecture October 10, 2017 The glass slipper "Dearest" proposal was a great success!

October 10, 2017 14:00

Comfort Cook Mr. Ito

Thank you for your help. My name is K.K, who made the glass shoes Dearest for your company. 

I'm late in replying, but I'm writing this email to let you know and thank you. 

Thank you for making these wonderful glass slippers. 

As I told you when I called you about the design, I successfully proposed and got engaged on September 19th, our 5th anniversary. 

Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service from ordering to the arrival of the product, and for delivering the best glass shoes. 

I opened the white box that arrived and saw the glass slippers. I couldn't help but say. 

On the day of the event, I had made a reservation to stay at DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, and with the cooperation of the hotel, I was able to propose without incident. At that time, I was planning to stay in a normal rank room, but maybe because of Dearest's magic, or because of Ito-sama's love, they upgraded me to a suite room when I checked in, and I proposed in the best possible situation. I was able to 

She was very pleased with the gift of the glass slipper in the suite room, and she is very grateful that she was able to ask Mr. Ito to make it again. In addition, she is looking forward to the gift of the transparent cover, which was mentioned when she called me, so please take care of it. 

We moved after our engagement, and while decorating the glass slippers, we will work hard to hold hands and become a loving couple like the glass shoes Dearest and Ito-sama. I would like to go. This time, thank you very much. 

Letter from Saitama Prefecture KK & Y

Congratulations to Mr. KK and Mr. Y. When I got permission to post this on the phone yesterday, I had a little chat with you. For me, it's the best time to relax. By the way, the "magic" in the email is not us, but KK's "magic". Some kind of gear started to move, and KK was able to obtain good luck. KK's morality.


The "transparent cover" in the email. These days, the two of you are probably happily discussing decorations together. Glass shoes Dearest. Decorate like you would play with the transparent cover of the new accessory. We, the creators, enjoy all the decorating ideas. The fairy tale world is also strangely easy to make! It is. Hiromichi Ito