Aichi prefecture Y.K Sama from October 31, 2017 Glass shoes "Dearest" proposal great success!

October 31, 2017 15:56 Ito Thank you very much.


Proposed great success! For several months, I will meet again and again and I am very grateful to finish the ultimate ideal glass shoes without compromise. Thank you! It is a wonderful glass shoes that hoped that I hope for the creation of the glass shoes of Ito's glass shoes!


She wants to decorate the entrance of her new house! Ideal glass shoes! It is a great pleasure! The day of meeting with Ito is very nostalgic memories. See you next again. I'm really thankful to you!

Aichi prefecture Y.K letter from K

Y.K A meeting was from the beginning of summer and one phone.


About 100 days until the day of the proposal. As I asked for a room, Y.K, even if you check the final completion image of glass shoes, you will be able to go ahead while making it progressively. For example, the color of a single ring. The color of your opponent is "pale purple". Specially arranged pale purple roses. The sculpture of toe, the typeface also adds a special arrangement. Here is the meaning of the meeting to do in advance.


"Glass shoes basic specifications" set up at the time of ordering are a little conservative, a little conservative, and a safe area. But there is a lot of things that can be done. By looking at the finished image, by overlapping the meeting, it is really possible for a special glass shoe "Dearest".


Today, I called the voice after a long time. After all, it will sound strongly and conveyed to me to be standing on the next stage of life. Ito Section