Letter from Y.K, Aichi Prefecture October 31, 2017 The glass slipper "Dearest" proposal was a huge success!

October 31, 2017 15:56 Mr. Ito, thank you very much. 

The proposal was a great success! I am very grateful to have been able to meet over and over again for several months and finish the ultimate ideal glass shoes without compromise. thank you! It was a wonderful glass slipper that was filled with Mr. Ito's passion for making the glass shoes and his wish for our happiness! 

She definitely wants to decorate the front door of her new house! The ideal glass slipper! I'm so happy! The days of meetings with Mr. Ito are very nostalgic and good memories. I hope to see you again sometime in the future. I'm really thankful to you! 

Letter from Y.K, Aichi Prefecture

The meeting with Y.K began with a phone call at the beginning of summer.

About 100 days until the day of the proposal. Since the request was received with a sense of leeway, Y.K also had a meeting to carefully proceed while confirming the final image of the glass slipper in his own heart. For example, the color of a single rose. The favorite color of the other person is "pale purple". A special arrangement of pale purple roses. We will add a special arrangement to the toe engraving and the typeface. This is the significance of having a meeting in advance.

The "basic specifications of the glass slipper" specified when ordering are a little conservative, narrowed down to the safe range, to the extent that we can certainly do it after receiving your request. But there are many things you can do. By having multiple meetings while viewing the finished image, before I knew it, a truly special glass slipper "Dearest" was completed.

Today, I heard from you on the phone for the first time in a while. After all, the fact that I was able to stand on the next stage of my life resonates powerfully and is transmitted to me. Hiromichi Ito