Decorations challenge! Letter from Osaka Prefecture soohyo to November 16, 1717 glass shoes

November 16, 2017 00:39


Thanks to Mr. ITO, thank you for politely treatment.

Glass of shoes arrived safely today.


I opened the box and moved! I was looking all alone. Rose flowers are beautiful and lively!

When I look at the phone, I remember the telephone that had been taken for a long time and Ito's kindness. I really met you. Thank you.


I think that I will decorate as I advise in the period until the proposal.


Letter from Osaka

I was allowed to write your letter on the phone today Try decorations! ' . I will be happy to hear my voice. Glass shoe decoration is a world of uncivilized. Please try to develop it. I don't want to be humble and I'm a bit too original, and I think that there is a moment that I will be able to make my own work a bit more beautiful by somewhere. It is suitable art. It is suitable to propose in the art work "glass shoes deep" that it dealt with oneself. Ito Hiromichi