Challenge "Decoration"! Letter from Hosoyan, Osaka Prefecture November 16, 2017 Glass Shoes Dearest Proposal

November 16, 2017 00:39

Dear Comfort Cook, Ito, thank you for your kind response every time.

The glass shoes arrived safely today.

I immediately opened the box and was impressed! ! I was watching alone. The rose flower is also beautiful and enchanting! !

When I look at you, I remember the phone calls you gave me for advice for a long time, and Mr. Ito's kindness. It was really nice to meet you. Thank you very much. 

In the period until the proposal, I think I'll try decorating as you advised ^ ^! 

Letter from Hosoyan, Osaka Prefecture

Today, I received permission to post your letter over the phone. "Try decorating!" Even I who listen to the voice with a little momentum become happy. Glass slipper decoration is an unexplored world. Please try to develop it. Go ahead, don't be humble, maybe a little too creative... and then gradually reduce the elements. I think there are moments when you let it go. It's good "art". It's perfect for proposing with your art work "Glass Shoes Dearest". Hiromichi Ito