Yamanashi Prefecture RM from the letter 2017 "Glass shoes" proposed March 1, 2017!

March 1, 2017 11:18 M___________


We become indebted to. (Abbreviated) "Glass shoes", but I received it safely yesterday.


I feel relieved by being at hand. I'm sorry and we decided unreasonable asks suddenly. Also, thank you for taking over this sudden request.


Shoes of glass for the first time hand. I was worried about whether I did not drop it at first, but it is firmly fixed and I am looking forward to the day before my eyes and shine. Thank you very much. In addition we will report. M

Please make a call from RM ... time is too late. Take the prepared glass of shoes Dearest proposal in hand, I received this letter.

Shoes Dearest of ... glass if unravel the red ribbon, on top of the decoration table, naked, will appear in a standing position. We do not choose the location of the proposal. Even on the table, even on top of the knee, ... that day also remain in his hand, ad hoc in, and then ... appeared in dramatic. Glass shoes are fixedly fixed to "decorated table". There is a non-slip function in the "decoration table". At a later date, in your room, it is a mechanism that can decorate with confidence.