Letter from Mr. RM, Yamanashi Prefecture March 1, 2017 "Glass Shoes" proposal!

March 1, 2017 11:18 M_________ 

Thank you for your help. (Omitted) Regarding the "Glass Slipper", it arrived safely yesterday. 

I feel relieved to have it at hand. I'm sorry for suddenly making an unreasonable request. Also, thank you for accepting this sudden request. 

Glass shoes for the first time. At first, I was worried that I might drop it, but it is firmly fixed, and I am looking forward to the day when I can see the beautiful transparency and shine in front of me. Thank you very much. I will report it again. M

I received a phone call from Mr. RM... Time goes by so quickly. I received this letter while picking up the prepared glass slipper Dearest.

If you untie the red ribbon...the glass slipper Dearest will appear on the stand, naked and standing. I do not choose the place of the proposal. Whether it's on the table, on your lap, or in your hand, it will appear dramatically on the day, depending on the situation. The glass slipper is fixed to the "decoration stand" in a detachable manner. The "decoration stand" has a non-slip function. It is a mechanism that you can decorate with peace of mind in your room at a later date.