Letter from YM, Nara March 12, 2017 "Glass slipper" ring pillow

March 12, 2017 20:10

Good evening, my name is YM and I made the glass shoes for you. 

Thank you very much for the wonderful glass shoes! Yesterday, I was able to finish my wedding safely and use it as a ring pillow. 

Actually, it took me a while to convince my husband to buy it, so I begged him all the time.

When the actual product arrived, my husband was happy that it was beautiful and worth more than the price♡ 

I'm so glad I ordered! It's a lifetime treasure. thank you very much! ! !

YM's Glass Slipper Dearest The beginning of the production... from the request we received when ordering...

Nice to meet you! I have a wedding on March 11th, so I would like to use it as a ring pillow. There are various types of glass slippers, but this is definitely the one! ! (*゜v゜*) Since the ceremony and the registration date are different, I would like to include the date of the ceremony as well, but how much would it cost to add letters to the heels and toes? Also, it's not very close to the date, but will it be in time? I'm sorry, but thank you very much! 

We recommend that you have a meeting while looking at the image as a picture before actually creating the design for the date of registration and the date of the wedding.

I received the above letter the day after the wedding ceremony.

In the phone call asking for permission to post this article, I was soothed by the joyful and happy voice of Mr. YM. She told me a little bit about the "begging of her husband" in the letter, but actually she talked a little more about it.

Thank you very much for making the glass slippers so enjoyable.