Letter from Nara Province YM March 12, 2017 "Glass Shoes" Ring Pillow

March 12, 2017 20:10


Good evening, my favorite glass shoes made YM.


Thank you very much for your great glass shoes! Yesterday, I finished the wedding safely and used it as a ring pillow.


Actually, it takes time to persuade my husband, and I was worried about it.


If the real thing has arrived, the husband was more than the price worth the price with beautifulness♡ 


It was good to order it really! It is a lifetime treasure. Thank you very much! ! !

YM Glass Shoes Dearest The beginning of the production is ... from such a request, from such a request ...

Nice to meet you! I want to use it as a ring pillow because I do an expression on March 11. There are various glass shoes, but absolutely Kore! ! Because I felt the destiny (* ゚ v ゚ *) and the date of registration, I want to put the date of the expression, but if I put a letter with Kakato and toe, is it a plus? Also, I'm not too late, but do you get along? I say selfish, but thank you!

If you have an image as a picture before the registration date and wedding day, how to design, before actually producing it, we will meet while having a picture as a picture.


The day after the wedding, I received the above letter.


By phone that gives you a permission, you have been able to enjoy a happy and happy voice from the heart of YM. It's a little bit of a little more, a little bit of the husband, a little more, and the scene that looks like a fun scene.


Thank you very much for producing glass shoes.