Aichi YH from YH-like letter from March 16, 2017 "Glass Shoes" Dearest Proposal Success

March 16, 2017 07:40 Comfort Cook Ito


Hello. Thank you for producing glass shoes the other day. The present was very pleased and successfully successfully.


Glasses and messages were very beautiful and wonderful, it was a big feeling.


As I was a box ribbon in the box, I wanted to confirm the inside. Now I am talking about what kind of expression to use this glass shoes for ring pillows.


Thank you very much for meeting my request. As I wanted you to have a pair, I would like to thank you again if there is an opportunity. H

I had a phone call. Simple, beautiful things, you want to cherish, etc. In this letter that conveys the success of the proposal, we will now be transported to the future, and it is transmitted that a lot of happy time is carried. Happy.