Letter from YH, Aichi March 16, 2017 "Glass Shoes" Dearest proposal success

March 16, 2017 07:40 Comfort Cook Mr. Ito

Hello. Thank you for making the glass shoes the other day. The gift was very well received and was a success. 

They liked the glass and the message very much.

I also appreciate that the ribbon on the box is a rubber band so I can check the contents. Now we are discussing what kind of ceremony to use this glass shoe as a ring pillow. 

Thank you very much for responding to my request. I thought I'd like a pair myself, so if you have another chance, please contact me. H

I received a call a while ago. Things that are simple, things that are beautiful, things that you want to cherish, etc. In this letter, which conveys the success of the proposal, it is conveyed that a lot of happy times are now being carried towards the future. I wish you all the best.